List of free and paid ai tools for concept art

AI is everywhere and now that it has infotrated the art space, instade of being fearful of it, perhaps its time for us to take full advantage of it and reposition our selves.

What we fail to understand as artists is unless you have millions of dollars starshed away in your bank accound, art is more of a business than art.

this is going to be true if you have bills, rent and family to provide for, this puts us in a position were you are force to follow the money instead of the craft, you follow the money and money follows more money which mostly follows productivity and efficiency.

Money is a reward to those who can produce what is desired and what is desired is desired regardless if its made by humans or robot AI, most of the time professional artists cant tell were the art was generated in 5seconds by an AI or in days by a person. so what makes us think if a professional artist struggles to tell the difference that a regular person on the street would be able to tell or later on care that its AI generated.

with that how can we position our selves in a way that we dont become relics in our industry fantasizing about the good all days when all art was made by a breathing living human being.

AI atleast right still needs human imagination to give it prompts to make up the art it generates, this will usher in a new breed of artists who understands AI imagination and though they may not have painted a stralk of brush on what ever the AI generates, we will be able to tell that thats there creation.

This is going to be a tool like all the other tools that have come before it, the masters of these tools will curve there names as leaders in this industry as other artsists have.

So in the spirit of this let us list a few AI generators you can look at see what you may want to master and maybe you will become the next AI picaso.

watch my review of the different AI

1. NightCafe

2. DALL-E 2

3. Deep Dream Generator

4. Artbreeder

5. DeepAI

7. StarryAI

8. Fotor

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