Need textures for your 3d project here are useful resources


This is one of the oldest websites that has been providing tilable textures since i got into blender, its a paid site but also gives anyone who signs up for a free a count 15 credits a day to download any images until there credit runs out, each image download will cost about 2-5 credits depending on the resolution and image type. they also have pbr textures, and substance materials but these would are restricted to paying users


This was formaly provides pbr based textures, HDRIs, 3d modes and SBSARs files or substance files. has over 1762 assets to choose from all under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal License.

3. PolyHaven Textures:

Who doesn’t know polyhaven just like ambientcg they have a reach library of pbr textures ranging from terrain, floor, bricks and more with nice previews so you know what you are getting before you hit the download button.

you have the option to download from 1k resolution which is about 1024×1024 square image to 2k, 4k, and 8k all available to download for free and unde CC0 license

4. textures

Most know poliigon as a subscription based website but Andrew Price’s website also has some free jams you can download, these are reach in detail with downloadable resolution ranging from 1k to 8k, you also get a marmoset preview of the material in 3d so you know how it should look in your program


This is another amazing website that provides textures the only difference is that it has no pbr textures, what you get is a single image with resolution ranging from 1k to 2k


The textures from here are mostly made with substance designer and range from 1k to 4k, what you get is a set of pbr texture files to turn into a pbr material in your preffered 3d application or game engine

A list of free to download textures

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