Battle of the Addons part 1 plants and vegetations

Blender has one of the largest community of users and developers so its no supprise that there are several addons that do the same thing but slightly differently or in this case addons that offer plants and vegetations each with its own library of assets and tools to help you make your nature scenes pop, today we are going to look at the top blendermarket addons that offer plants, grass and all sorts of vegetations

what is the best tree and vegetation addon you can buy for blender?

AddonPriceNO.assetsSummer DiscountLinks
Vegetation$119,$399,$5926425%check it out
Nisarga $100,$60,$40270, 400, 80025%check it out
Botaniq $129, $49720check it out
Alpha Trees$45,$2550, 150check it out
grass blade$119, $399, $59550 25%check it out
scatter$99. $299check it out

discounts are added and removed everytime so the discount you see now may change, be removed or added if none exist by the time you read this.

A break down of each addon.

1. Vegetation blender addon

Tree Vegetation is an addon for Blender, compatible with Eevee and Cycles. It contains a big library of diverse and varied plants, trees, shrubs, tropical plants, tree hedges, ornamental plants, garden plants… Thanks to the addon one click is enough to create a realistic plant.

2. Nisarga 

Nisarga add-on is a Mega Library of Nature assets, and a one-stop solution for 3D artists who need, realistic nature assets in their scene, nisarga add-on covers everything Trees, Grass, Weed, Flowers, Shrubs, Pots, etc. with top-quality assets that you can use anywhere you want.

3. Botaniq 

Tree library botaniq is an ever-expanding library of optimized & realistic 3D vegetation – mostly trees and grass. It features a variety of Trees, Grass, Flowers, Weeds, Ferns, Ivy, Palms, Succulents, Shrubs, Weeds, Plants, Pots, Rocks, Lilypads, and Garden assets for Architectural Visualization, Environmental Design, Rendering Forests, Landscaping, or any other scenes that could use a bit of varied greenery.

4. Alpha Trees

Alpha tree is different from the rest of the addons in that, the trees are not trees made from geometry but simply a plane with a texture of a tree with alpha channel hence the name. Thought sounds like a simple concept its actually a very effective one and Alpha trees handles it so well, that its quite difficult to tell the difference and most of the times it would not even matter. if your PC cant handle hundreds of polygons Alpha trees is the best option you got

3D tree models are slow
Traditional tree models often have millions of polygons, and multiple complex materials, making them very slow to render. They also slow down the viewport and add to visual noise while working.

5. grass blade

Grassblade is the latest addon from Bproduction for Blender. It’s a complete and easy-to-use solution for designers, Archviz and CG Artists who need to create photoreal lawns, grasslands, fields or meadows with ease. 

6 Scatter 5.2

the scatter addon is unique in this list, not only does it have a massive library of vegetation but it can be used in conjunction with the other addons to scatter plants in your scene/

The Fifth iteration is here for blender 3.0.
We completely improved every single corner of our plugin.
This is a massive remake, with solid foundations ready to stick in time for this new blender era.

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