Battle of addons #2 what is the Best Blender addon for cars

if you are doing archviz or any exterior scenes for your renders cars are going to be an addition that is a must, otherwise your renders will feel like they have something missing in them.

Modeling your own car vs buying one or a library of different cars?

modeling a good looking car can take upwards of days to month if you want to add all the details like interiors, you know what lets breakdown how long it would take to model a detailed high poly car in any 3d package.

The frame: this would take atleast 5hrs if you have made a car before and more if its your first time, time finding good reference not included

Headlights and tail lights:

these i think would take the most time and are the hardest if you want to get them right, i think each can take a good modeler 12hrs so thats 24hrs

these are just a few parts you have not started on the interior yet, tires, chasis, wheels, you can spend nearly a month working on one car, now image if you need 10.

what is worse is you can just use your old cars as a starting point like you would for a character, which character model you can make hundreds of variations based off one, this is not possible with cars as each has unique features and profiles that would not transfer very well.

I brought this up to show you how much value you get with these addons and what to look for, some of these cars come with an already working rig so you can hit the ground driving :O

best blender addons or libraries for cars and vehicles.

AddonspriceNo. of assetsrigged?links
Transportation$99 – $2078+yescheck it out
Car – Traffiq Library$79-$39311+yescheck it out
3d shaker Cars$45 – $11424+yescheck it out
City Pack Cars$3930+check it out
Car telepoter$120-$5090+yescheck it out

Transportation addon.

Transportation is a complete Blender add-on (2.80+,2.90, 3.0, 3.2+) that does not only help manage a huge library of HD vehicles and cars rigged on Blender. but also, shaders, hdri and backplates. With Transportation you can create incredible images in few seconds!   It is ideal for architects, designers, and CG artists. 

Car – Traffiq Library

Creating cars from scratch is a hard and time-consuming task. Use this car library to save time and don’t waste time on making cars!
traffiq is an ever-expanding library of realistic, optimized assets of various vehicles (mostly cars for now) and traffic-related assets for architectural visualizations, environmental design, rendering streets, or other scenes. 

3d-shakers car collection:

If you are looking for the best quality cars for your renderings, don’t look any further! Here you can find amazing luxury 3d cars with all materials set up for Cycles and is also compatible with Eevee. It makes it a fast and easy one-click solution for scenes in all your most exciting projects. Don´t waste time creating cars on your own. 

City car collection

All car is available iin HD and lowpoly. This amazing new feature allows you to choose the quality of the model you want to import. HD for “high definition” is the most realistic model, but also the most demanding in performance. the Low poly version is much lighter and also rigged ! Use the lowpoly version for vehicles in the background, or for scenes with lots of vehicles to improve performance.

Car telepoter:

With Car Teleporter, you can easily import and use a car in your project. With more than 90+ cars (more will be added) there will be no need to buy or model cars. You can use it in your architectural projects, physical animation scenes, modified, NFT, hdri, game engine.

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