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As we end the month of august its time to give back to this loving community, i have been making alot of projects some for sale on my gumroad, cgtrader market place and other for my patreons, but a lot of my viewers are just students or have got a tight budget to support me that way but you guys still support me by viewing and enjoying my content plus just being part of the community so this august let me show some love to you guys, these are assets that took me quite sometime to make, its a small collection of building that i have made with you guys in live streams so here is me giving back i hope you appreciate it as well, in the same way i appreciate your time.

I also hope to do more giveaways like this every end of the month, so we can grow our libraries together.

some of the buildings:

if you prefer a different way to manage your blender assets than the default asset browser try my asset library

Download building Pack

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