Making anime cities in blender

this was another live stream that i really enjoyed the task was to make an anime inspired city center and am really prowd of the results, especially the cheats and techniques i employed with the help of chat, like

the glass windows were a simple gradient texture fed directly into the emission shader, we used some premade assets from other projects like the traffic lights and banners, its always great to do that, cuts time you have to spend on the project into half.

i finalized the project with the signature cat cross the road, the budget for people on the street was not there, budget i mean computer power already here my pc was starting to show its weakness, given that this was done in eevee which takes up alot of resources when working in the viewport.

Especially if you are working with large textures 2k and above, something i had not realised yet, thats why i created the quick functions addon to help compress any textures above 2k to smaller textures, that free’s up alot of resources and the difference in viewport responsiveness is night and day.

Quick plug for my addon helps keep the lights up:

download project :

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