Experimental water shader unity to blender

i was on twitter yesterday, ok not just yesterday and today and the day before yestereday, to tell you the truth even before that, its an addiction i need help, anyway i was on twitter and saw this amazing animation by unity shaders bible, and i thought i should give it a try in blender so i did and here are the results.

the system using polar coordinates which don’t exist in blender so we have to make our own, i wont go through the math of making polar coordinates but if you want to see how i did it here is a screenshot of the node setup

here is the blend file for the polar coordinates, you can just copy the plane object and paste it in your project.

and here is a great youtube video tutorial by just 3d things explaining the math if you care.

the polar coordinates are necessary to have the texture orbit about its center and if you use any image texture and supply the polar coordinates as the vector input of the texture you can control the angle of rotation and scale of the texture giving you that spiral water effect.

the pipe and water jet are parented to an empty object that when moved everything else follows including the polar coordinates which start with object coordinates of the same empty.

Full finished project

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