2d to 3d model in blender

In the process of making a short animated movie i needed to make a parrot, but i did not want to spend days making a high detailed parrot since this was just a fun project i needed to complete within a week.

what i decided on was to make a lowpoly yet high detail looking bird with the help of textures from an image.

the youtube video shows the process of making the parrot but i will also add text here to follow the video:


Reference image and texture source:

i also used projection mapping to map the texture on to the model, and then texture painted some parts what had repeating or stretching textures to make the texture look clean.

this meant i had more than 2 image textures for the model, so i used blender baking features to bake all the painted textures and projection texture into one single image texture below:

you can learn more about texture painting here:

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