2d to 3d making a farm house

This beginner project demonstrates how you can turn a simple image into a 3d image in matter of minutes.

the techniques applied here are the most basic and common techniques of extruding and moving vertices around:

Key blender shortcuts used:

  • E to extrude any face, edge or vertex this works for curves and meshes, you have to be in edit mode of the object for this shortcut to work
  • Ctrl + B this is used to Bevel any edge or face
  • Ctrl + Shift + B will bevel the selected vertex
  • Ctrl + I inset short cut, if you press I twice then you get the inset individual faces option
  • Ctrl + R to add edge rings
  • Alt + S to to push face, edges, vertices along there normals

Key blender modifiers used:

  • Mirror Modifier
  • Bevel modifier


Download project file:

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