Creating a cocacola bottle in blender

While this may look complicated if you break it down in small bits, its easier to model than you may think.

First we need a cola cola bottle facing the camera with minimum perspective distortion.

Key steps in making a bottle in blende:

  • drag a reference image in the viewport, make sure you are not seeing the scene through the camera when you drag the image, otherwise it will be added as a background to the active camera, just make sure you are in front orthographic view, by pressing the 1 number pad key. and 5 number pad key to remove perspective in your view
  • in front view add a circle and in edit mode extrude, scale and move the points to match the silhouette of the bottle

key modifiers to model a coca cola bottle:

  • Mirror modifier, a coca cola bottle has radial symmetry so we can model a quarter of the bottle and use the mirror to do the other sides
  • solidify modifier: since this is glass it renders better with thickness, that’s a job for the solidify modifier
  • Geometry nodes: we need droplets on the bottle to make it look cold, though you can use the hair particle system for this, i went with geometry nodes for more control but the same results can be achieved with the particle system

Key blender shortcuts used:

  • I, to inset a selection of faces
  • Alt + S to push faces along normals
  • Alt + LMB “left mouse button”, in edit mode, if will select a loop/ring of edges or faces depending on the selection mode
  • Ctrl + RMB will make a path selection of vertex,edges,faces depending on the mode from the active face/vertex/edge to the last selected vertex/edge/face
  • GG in edit mode will slide any edge/vertex

Key geometry nodes node:

  • Distribute points on faces, these points hold the locations for our droplets
  • instance on points: turns points into instances “droplets”
  • align Euler to vector: makes our droplets face the normals or the mesh


Droplets geometry nodes screenshot
glass material screenshot
bottle cup material
soda material

Reference images:

Logo used as texture

download blend file

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