blender vs maya what should you learn

Blender and maya are both 3d applications that are currently being used by different studios and are both very well cabable programs. They have all the standard features that you expect in a 3d package like polygon modeling tools, a timeline, uv mapping features, ray tracing render engines and more.

making a proper choice can improve your chances of getting hired and depending on where you are in life one choice might be better than the other.

Blender vs Maya: which one gets you are job faster

Most established studios or production houses are not fluid or flexible in there pipeline so they expect you to use a specific software and will pick artists to employ with alot of consideration put on what 3d applications there are confortable with.

Newer studios now days are more flexible and are more willing to work with you if you can deliver your assignments in a timely manner and quality irregardless of 3d application you are using. you will also find that these types of studios are also more confortable working with freelancers than others.

Maya is more popular with established studios so learning maya is going to give you an edge over blender artists, Studios which use maya are less flexible and less likely employ blender users unless you are exceptionaly great at your craft, while studios that use blender as there may 3d application in the pipeline may accept maya artists and are more willing to train them in blender.

In terms of getting hired in a well established studio Maya artists have an upper hand, this has been made more prevelent by the fact that Maya has been around longer so you are going to be working with nearly all Maya team in your workflow, the art director, supervisors, lead animators these are positions usually researved for seniors, seniors who have industry experience, seniors who have been in the industry for a while who like begun there career using Maya so they are more confortable working with Maya artists.

Blender vs Maya: Cost and alternatives

For hobists, indie film makers and game developers, blender has become the alternative if not the only option, As of righting this articles, the annual maya subscription is $1785, $225 monthly and, %5,085 per 3years, $225 on top of other expenses and software subcriptions you need is just not affordable for alot of artists, considering that you need other programs like photoshop, substance designer or painter for a complete workflow, there is a trial and student version but these are not going to be available for everyone.

Blender on the other hand is totally free. this has made it the most popular 3d application by downloads, community side, number of tutorials and user base.

This fact coupled with others makes blender’s audience a potential market opportunity for digital products to compliment workflows, this is the reason why places like are big.

Blender vs maya: community and monitization capabilities

No other 3d software application has a strong community like blender, there are 1000s of digital models, addons, texture packs, tutorials and more that are being traded between artists creating a symbiosis eco system where artists depend on each others buying an selling blender content between them selves.

Other applications including maya have there own equivalent market places but non is as vibrant and big as the blenders community.

Blender vs maya: functionality and tools

Blender has abit of everything, from modeling, sculpting, compositing and more. you can do almost everything in blender without ever living. blender sculpting tools are robust and far superior to Maya scultping. But maya makes up for it by being the industry standard for animation.

Most studios will be flexible for sculptors and modelers but they are not going to be flexible on riggers and animators, when the model its at the rigging and animating stage, its usually not going to go between softwares anymore. while a model that was made in blender can be easily used in Maya, a character rig made is blender is going to be hard to transfer to Maya, also Animation made in blender is going to take too much time to clean up in Maya than just creating it there.

if you want to be a Rigger or animator your choises are less flexible than someone doing modeling or sculpting.

the closer your position is to the final product in the pipeline the less flexible the company hiring you is going to be.

Blender vs maya: vfx and simulation

blenders simulation tools are quite limited compared to Maya’s Bio-frost

Blender Vs Maya: the future

More and more studios are starting to adapt blender as it improves especially since the blender 3.0 series, its new procedural tool geometry nodes makes it possible to export your models and retain there procedural nature to game engines like unreal engine.

Maya has always had the upper hand in animation and its years ahead of blender, Most animation Studios wont hire any one without Maya experience, but today blender is becoming a viable option especially for Game development studios, though these studios make animations in there games, blender has enough tools to handle game animations sufficiently plus it’s free so they dont have to buy an anual license for every artist they hire.

It has always been easier to get hired as an artist in the industry if you are use Maya, but we are starting to see more studio hiring exclusively blender users or switching to a blender only pipeline.

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