Free End of september Models/materials

we are at the end of october and we made alot of blender projects on the youtube channel so lets share what we have done.

The free pack this time mostly includes blender materials that you can easily use in your projects using the blender asset browser, you just setup the asset browser like in the video and you are set.

To be able to make an art piece every stream in a 2hr time frame, i have to rely on a library of assets, mostly assets i have created from previous live streams, i know alot of my viewers would like to follow along while am live streaming but because i sometimes use premade assets like am sharing today, it may seem like i have jumped ahead and skipped alot of steps or even cheating, but these are assets we have already made and redoing them feels like wasting your time.

but i still want viewers to follow along, thats why am giving away this library of assets.

Download the free pack

if you are a patreon you get even more, I cant tell how appreciative i am for your support thanks alot, you keep the internet on, lights on thanks alot

Download the patreon pack

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1 thought on “Free End of september Models/materials

  1. Hello Dismas, I follow your tutorials, they are class. I followed your previous tutorial on plant essentials on v2.8 but since I use v2.79, I stumbled at a point where you applied instancing render settings and the cube on which the grass particles were embedded dissapeared , so only the hedge leaf particles could be visible without the cube. How can i make the cube dissapear in v2.79?. Your response will be appreciated.
    And can the array modifier work in plant modelling , especially while arranging leaves onto a certain uniform pattern. I realised its not much effective in v2.79 as it is in v2.8. Lastly, can your free model still work in v2.79?

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