Have you ever wanted to put your self in a movie, animation or film you are making using cgi, well You nolonger need need days of work to create a perfect looking human face for your character in blender,

This tool will do all the work for you, KeenTools FaceBuilder for Blender is a tool that uses just a single photo of you and turns it into a 3d face with textures and everything, saving you hundreds of hours extruding and moving vertices to get the right propotions of the face.

Modeling a human face through scultping or modeling is one of the hardest things you can try to do in blender, Making a human face that looks like you or a specific person can fill like an impossible task for most blender users both biginners and alittle advanced users.

the addon that works in blender 2.8 and above can extruct textures from a single image and project the texture on a well uv unwrapped human head from one side and copy over the same textures on the other side saving you hours of texture painting.

if you just need a face for a simple short of indie game you are making, the textures and more that are produced enough and you can stop here.

if you want to make the model more realistic you would have to do its hair using the old or new hair particle system.

Download: KeenTools FaceBuilder for Blender 

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2 thoughts on “Free face builder tool for blender

  1. It’s $150 for a personal license, $300 for a commercial license, and even more for a business… How is that a free tool? 0_o

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