Free scanned human models, rigged and texture

Posed, Rigged, Animated and 3D human models

Renderpeople is a platform with scanned 3D People models for application areas such as visualization, VFX, games, as well as VR, AR and everything metaverse. They library consists of paid models but they also have some free models you can use in your projects.

Each 3D model corresponds to a real human being captured using photogrammetry Scanner.

All there free models have the same level of quality and functionality as the 3D People in there online shop. Moreover, all free models are subject to the same terms of use as the charged models in the shop, so they may be used for commercial purposes, like visualization.

If you want more customization, the ability to edit the characters face, race, facial expression, clothing and more check out human generator

Download your free models here

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