How good is the GeForce RTX 4090 for 3d modeling and Gaming

Every year gamers and 3d artists wait in anticipation for the next generation of hardware to make there games and renders run faster, this year did not disappoint atleast spec wise, we can talk about prices later.

Nvidia announced its 40 series graphics card with, the RTX 4090 as its flagship. It sofar represents the best from team green with new pixel pushers based on its new Ada Lovelace architecture. Unfortunately these spec power ups cam with price power up too, we are talking $1,599 making it more expensive than the 3090ti, it comes with 24GB GDDRX VRAM and 16,384 CUDA cores

Here’s everything we know about the Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU:

  • Nvidia RTX 4090 price: $1,599 USD / £1,679.00 GBP
  • Nvidia RTX 4090 specs: 24GB GDDRX VRAM,  16,384 CUDA cores
  • Nvidia RTX 4080, 12GB GDDR6X model starting at £949 / $899
  • Nvidia RTX 4080, 16GB GDDR6X model starting at £1269 / $1199

These are both considerably more expensive than the RTX 3080, which launched at $699, though the 4080 16GB model is expected to be up to four times more powerful than the RTX 3080 Ti.

The 4090 when put against the RTX 3090 AND AMD RADEON RX 6900XT, the Rtx 4090 comes up incredibly strong. It can do over 300fps at 4k in Doom Eternal ultra settings and at least 120fps in Assassin’s creed Valhalla.

with a 4x performance boost and ray tracing ,DLSS, the Ada Lovelace’s “Shader Execution Reordering” feature reschedules RT workloads on the fly. so the GPU can process ray traced frames more effectively (and, therefore, faster).

The RTX 40 series GPUs will be the first to fully adopt DLSS 3, a new version of Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super-Sampling upscaler. This uses enhanced AI to generate entire new frames in video games leading to an fps boost and smooth gameplay, we can hope that this is something that will be implemented in 3d rendering imagine rendering just half of the timeline and the rest of the frames are AI generated, you can literally half the render time, now imagine if you only need to render every nth frame and the rest is Ai generated this would be a game changer.

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