over 50s Neon Lights Asset collection for blender


If you have ever wanted to make a cyberpunk scene, or night scene render, you know there is one thing that you cant have miss in your city, Neon Signs.

But neon signs are trick to make and you do need a few unique ones to make your city look lively otherwise, things will look obviously repeated.

This is an issue i have always had, i wanted to make a cyberpunk city but i never have good neon signs to add in, and making one from scratch and take alot of time, so this month i set out to make a library of 3d neon signs that i can reuse any time, this library has over 50 customizable neon signs, that you can edit with geometry nodes.

Since the signs are made with curves object, that means you can edit or design your own neon lights from the already existing ones and it will have all the functionality, materials and geometry nodes from the old existing ones.

this is a collection of over 50 neon light assets, that you can use in blender,

they are well modeled and argumented with geometry nodes to add more customizations

– you can add hunging wires

– change the color easily

– add bolts and more

If you are a patreon you can download the full package here, or get it on gumroad

here is a sample blend file for my youtube subscribers

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