about a year ago i made a video about this free wooden floor tiles generator addon for blender and since then i have wanted to make my own with a few changes but never got around to actually code it, until now, well am not coding it but using geometry nodes, i want to have several design patterns like in the original addon but all done in geometry nodes, i will also keep updating the nodes with new patterns so bookmark this page incase you are interested.

i had done two patterns already but silly me, accidentally saved over the first version.

original addon generator:

you can even use this as a road pavement generator with the right material

if you are filling generous, you can buy the addon for as much as you want, if you don’t have any spare change to throw at me, just type 0$ and you can get the addon for free, thanks for the support either way.

you can download the blend file for free here,

Check out physical starlight and atmosphere addon:

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