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creating environments or scenes in blender takes a lot of time especially if you are to model everything, but it shouldn’t, there are tones of free content you could take advantage of. today we are going to look at this amazing model creator Chuck_cg who has made it his goal to make your life easier by just handing you free assets to use in your personal and commercial projects.

he has free asset packs from plants and vegetations, medieval and fantasy props to industrial and scifi.

if you are making anything in blender don’t start yet until you watch this video you may save your self alot of time and stress.

so lets explore his assets starting with the medieval fantasy props

#1 Medieval/Fantasy Props

Medieval-Fantasy prop Collection

Collection of 22 game ready elements 

4K PBR textures (metal/roughness)

There are 2 texture atlas to reduce file size

FBX and OBJ included

you can use these models in your commercial or personal projects.

Download page

#2 Natural Set, plants and vegetation pack

37 Free models to help you in your scenes

The Bonus Set includes 40 extra objects.

Contains Flowers, Plants, Grass ,Trees and Rocks.

All textures packed into blend file.

download page

#3 Industrial Kitbash assets

includes more than 20 models (structures and props, no variants each model is different)

4K PBR textures FBX included.

Free personal and 1 commercial project, there’s an extended commercial license if you need it.

download page

#4 Mountain Displacement pack

5 displacement maps

PBR textures included

there are some color variants, to use them you have to download the PBR textures and replace them

The blend file already has the planes with subdivision surface modifier, increase levels for higher resolution.

Download page

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