Absolutely crazy additions you need for blender

if you want to improve your blender workflow know you can revamp it altogether with just a few clicks, thanks these new absolutely crazy additions to blender.

these are not just addons these are content libraries that could let you create entire scenes without ever modeling anything,


#1 procedural alley

first is the all new procedural alley, you want a dense dystopia with back alleys, streets neon signs and everything, how about an entire city in just a few clicks, trash everywhere, detailed buildings just add procedural alley to your blender installation and you can have all of it download procedural alleys

#2 Simply Material | Fashion Design

we are all fashion designers at heart, and simply material is here to help you realize that dream, its designed by and for fashion designers like you, any cloth or fabric material you need is now at your finger tips, all you have to do is add simply material to your blender installation. this library contains fabric materials you never though you needed until now, the workflow is straight forward and the execution is flawless. you can even add damage to your clothes

download simply material

#3 Botaniq Animate everything

now days Simply adding trees to your scene is nolonger enough, not even when making a still image render, motion can still be infused in image renders and with the new botaniq animate everything feature you have no excuse, you can and should have animated trees, vegetations, weeds and everything.

imagine you want to render a single image of a storm scene and all you have a simple non animated trees, its not going to work, now imagine with these type of trees with full speed wind animation from botaniq trees.

as an artist you need to standout in a see of renders and this addition is what will save you.

download botaniq animate everything

# Curvify

ever wonder how it feels like to just cast a spell and things just work, wonder no more, you draw with a curve and objects appear, it does not get any magical than that.

with a growing library of curve based tools curvify promises to be one of the largest library of assets on the market, right now you get barbed wire, chains cloud and alot more with more to come.

Curvify is a geometry nodes based curve generation tool letting you make procedural:

  • Barbed Wire,
  • Chains, Clouds,
  • Curtains, Feathers,
  • Fences x3, Dangling Cables,
  • Rainbows, Roads,
  • “RollAlongCurve”,
  • Rope, Rivers,
  • Snow, Tentacles,
  • Flow, Screws,
  • Decals, Vines,
  • Running Stitches,
  • Trees, Hedges,
  • Springs, Bricks,
  • Caution Tape, Icicles, Rock Path, Water Along Path [3.5 only!], Suture x7 

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