there have been several city generators produced by different artists including my own that you can watch here, but non of them comes to this, this free procedural abandoned city generator not only generates cities but it generates abandoned post apocalypse cities with everything you would expect.

from destroyed buildings, ivy and vine growth, trees and overgrowth, abandoned cars, damaged streets and more.

you can imagine how long it must have took the artist to make something like this and how generous he is to just give it away for free.

the abandoned city generators is great for shorts that are far away from the buildings or a few meters away, if you want something for closeup shorts i would recommend the procedural alleys generators.

this is another geometry nodes setup that you can add to your asset browser and use it when ever you want a closeup short of buildings, streets or alleys, and because its procedural you can tweak the parameters to get a custom looking street in every camera direction guaranteeing a repetitive free shot.

Procedural alleys generator:

A city needs people and for that i recommend this amazing crowd simulator with its own character generation tool, if you get it you wont need anything else, you can design your character look to make each character in your scene look unique.

download the crowd simulator here

download abandoned city generator

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