Numerous powerful and useful hidden gems exist in the Blender world, but they can be challenging to locate. Today, on my quest to unearth Blender’s hidden gems, I’ve discovered a collection of absolute beasts in terms of tools. Some of these gems are free addons, while others are geometry nodes setups, and still, some are a combination of both. Don’t miss out on these valuable tools!

1 the Stylized Fantasy Tree Generator

this stylized tree generator by rc12 Generates endless variations of stylized trees with this geometry nodes tool.

Trees include a basic procedural bark texture and generated UVs for custom textures.

 Usage: Append to your current projects or add to the asset browser.


if stylized trees is not what you are looking for and want a more realistic touch, try botaniq

2 GeoCables – Geometry Nodes

when you are creating urban environments, dystopias, post apocalypse, you will need cables to tie your scene together and that’s where this free cable generator is going to come in, its a combination of python and geometry nodes to bring you a great level of control when add structure and story to your scene


this creator also has paid addons with more functionality, if you like Geocables you are going to love these.

3 Post USSR builder

if you are an artist, having a set of building models is handy, most renders will have some sort of building in there setting, the post ussr building generator can generate a near infinite type of buildings using the power of geometry nodes and a range of custom parameters, it has day and night time shaders so you are covered for any type of scene


Clean Panel Addon

with all these new addons and more to come installed in blender your blender side panel is going to get filled up really fast, it can fit about 10 addons nicely, and depending on your monitor size and resolution it may even be less than that. right now its likely that you are running out side panel space because of the awesome addons you have installed so what do you do, well allow me to introduce you to clean panel, this addon manages all your addons and you can use it to categorize all your addons depending on what they do, or how frequent you use them

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