Satisfying geometry nodes demos you must see

As Blender users continue to familiarize themselves with geometry nodes, there are a select few who are rapidly becoming experts in this area and creating stunning demos. In this post, we’ll delve into some incredible examples of what can be accomplished with geometry nodes that will leave you amazed.

1 Paint peeling off a wall using blender geometry nodes simulation branch

@specoolar crafted this impressive demo, utilizing the simulation branch which is still in its experimental phase. As such, many of its features are currently undergoing testing and are subject to change at any moment. Nevertheless, this did not deter @specoolar from producing an incredible presentation showcasing wallpaper peeling off a wall.

2 Action scene demo by Miettinen

Jesse Mietthinen entered the ongoing Endless Engines challenge with a spectacular action-packed chase sequence that could easily be mistaken for a Hollywood blockbuster. Featuring high-speed vehicles, massive explosions, and awe-inspiring shockwaves, this demo is sure to leave you in awe. In fact, if someone were to tell you that it was a sneak peek of the upcoming Fast X movie, you might just believe them!

3 cloth ripping geometry nodes + Dynamic paint

Tearing cloth in Blender may seem like an insurmountable challenge, but once again, Miettinen Jess proves that it’s no obstacle for him in this demo. By combining the power of geometry nodes and dynamic paint, he manages to tear Suzanne’s cloth apart with impressive realism, resulting in a truly satisfying effect.

4 Trippy abstract digital sculpture

This dynamic and abstract human creation from the_mantissa is not only visually stunning, but it also showcases their exceptional mastery of geometry nodes. Through a series of skillful node manipulations, they transform a simple collection of nodes into an intricate sculpture of noodles, resulting in a true masterpiece.

5 Offroad Rig generator

Miettinen strikes again with another impressive creation, now available for download on Blender Market. The animated and rigged car is a marvel of geometry nodes, and while the process may be a mystery to many, the project is available in the description for those who wish to learn more.

Not content with just rigging a car in geometry nodes, Miettinen took it a step further by procedurally generating the environment and roads, making this project a true test of his skills. To explore this impressive feat further, check out the links provided.

offroad rig generator

6 Procedural low-poly flame

Mastery of a craft doesn’t always require creating the most elaborate projects. Sometimes, a simple yet impressive creation, such as the procedural fire system demonstrated by celestialmaze, is enough to showcase one’s skills and expertise. This project serves as a reminder that even the smallest creations can still leave a big impact.

7 jiggling pencil

Alex Martineli provides a satisfying demonstration of physics simulation with geometry nodes. In this example, an empty serves as a collision plane, adding an upward force to the pencil that, combined with some clever noodle physics, results in a truly satisfying masterpiece.

8 simulating traffic in blender

Miettinen Jess once again astounds with another incredible simulation using geometry nodes, this time focusing on traffic. The entire simulation is procedural, featuring trucks that slow down as they get closer to each other and even give way to other vehicles, resulting in an impressively realistic traffic flow.

9 Fluid + differential growth

what is differential growth you ask? Differential growth is a feature of cells, the organs which they construct and the whole plant itself. The control of differential growth at each of these three levels of organization resides in the level lower than that in which it is expressed. before you clap for me i pulled that straight from google, but the demo looks amazing

10 satisfying text animation using geometry nodes

If some of these demos leave you feeling discouraged, don’t be. We’re highlighting some of the top Blender artists who have dedicated a significant amount of time to mastering geometry nodes. If you also spend a few extra hours each day working on your geometry nodes skills, you could find yourself featured here in no time.

Bonus: enviroment design

another one from@jesseMiettinen showcasing an amazing setup for creating realistic dirt roads that blend seamlessly with the ground

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