Most satisfying geometry nodes demos

Life can be tough with long work hours, uneventful social media, and expensive outings. If you’re looking for something fulfilling to add to your day, I’ve got just the thing for you. This compilation features a variety of satisfying renders, simulations, and animations, all created using Blender’s geometry nodes. While these videos won’t magically reduce your workload or mend your relationships, they are sure to bring a sense of satisfaction to your day.

1# A fluid simulation done by Kuldeep

Kuldeep gives us this amazing fluid simulation done using geometry nodes, it is a fluid simulation inside a texture inside a donut, Kuldeep and Sean Terrelle another blender artist use the same techqniq to create this amazing demo and if you want to learn from the, you are in luck, sean Terrelle has a 30 minute tutorial explaining his process of making the simulation from scratch in high detail, if this is something you want to learn check his video out

2 Swirl Particles

this swirl particles animation effect reminds me of star trek transporter, use this effect to beam your self out of depression to a world of absolute satisfaction thanks to cartesian caramel.

i have been following cartesian caramel for a while now and i have to say am satisfied with everything i have seen him do

he also made these particle explosions or debris explosions that you can use for a vfx short if you are making one

he re created the Mimic from Edge of tomorrow are satisfying movie of it own

and made the last of us animation too using geometry nodes

i can make a full list of just his satsifying work so be sure to check him out and his blendermarket page

#3 dynamic paint with simulation nodes

at number 3 kuldeep comes back again, this time with this amazing dynamic paint simulation, he uses a combination of dynamic paint and geometry nodes to make these satisfying melting textures, that can be used for alot of different transitions, this project is available on his blender market page is you want to test it out

Download procedural dynamic paint on blendermarket

4 Particle Force Field with geometry nodes

this satisfying invisible shield can be used in a scifi shot or fantasy film you are making, its procedurally generated with the help of geometry nodes and the new upcoming simulation system that will be added to geometry nodes.

5 Light Trails by @specular

In order not to be out done by anyone shahzod Boyhonov made these impressive light trail generators to brighten your day and leave you absolutely satisfied.

if you have been following geometry nodes updates on twitter you probably remember his other works like the procedural river generator

river generator

his paint pealing geometry nodes demo from the last video

Camera space particles, which is a nice way to add snow and dust particles in your scene

if you want to get it for your own projects he has turned his satisfying work into a product you can get on blendermarket

#6 text reveal effect by higgsas

Higgsas properly demonstrates his mastery of geometry nodes buy revealing texts out of some subdivided planes, am not sure how, but if you ask me am sure there was some witchcraft involved, still satisfying.

#7 portals to another dimension

ever played that game of portals, well @lateasusual will give you a dose of nostalgia with this portal effect that uses ray matching, to align portals with your view angle, this is not just an in camera effect, but it also works from your viewport.

the effect works with different shapes and shades so you can customize it to your liking

#8 lovely procedural explosions by pojo

these explosions made with geometry nodes have a satisfaction rating of 11 out of 10, because you dont need a high end pc to make smoke simulations anymore just like pojo demonstrates here, you just have to be a god at geometry nodes which may be even harder than getting a high end pc, or just download what @pokoquiet has made and use that.

#9 Text effect by 3dkit

Get filled with satisfaction watching text get filled with balls using geometry nodes, 3d Kit. leverages the power of geometry nodes to feel any text with balls, an effect like this is priceless if you want to get into motion graphics animation, so lets be very grateful to 3dkit for providing not only a satisfying demo but a detailed tutorial on how to make the effect your self.

#10 advanced geometry nodes trees

if you want control and customization, thats exactly what you get with valera Barashkov’s advanced geometrynodes tree generator, its procedural, its easy to use, and most importantly, it looks satisfying to use.

#bonus fracturing objects with geometry nodes

As we close out this compilation, it is great to look at where we came from, and give thanks to the default cube, celestialmaze uses geometrynodes to fracture and destroy the default cube and put manages to put it back together

an that’s it if you found these demo satisfying, please leave a comment below letting me know which one was the most satisfying of them

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