watch these satisfying blender demos to brighten your day

many times alot of impressive things are done in blender but few people get too see them. so today let me do my part of sharing some of the most satisfying renders of this week.

i watched these demos and they changed my day so i asked chat gpt to write a poem about the renders and i was blown a way

“A poem about 3d renders:”

Behold the beauty of a world unknown, A place of pixels and light alone. A realm of form, yet not quite real, A space where art and tech reveal.

A vision born of minds so bright, A dream that’s crafted into sight. A masterpiece, a work of art, A creation from a digital heart.

Through code and keystrokes it was made, A 3D render that will never fade. A world that’s born within a screen, A place that’s never really been.

Its colors dance in perfect hue, Its shapes take on a life anew. A world that’s only in our minds, But one that we can truly find.

For in this space, we can explore, A world that’s like none seen before. A realm where limits do not bind, Where art and tech are intertwined.

So let us gaze upon this scene, A 3D render, a digital dream. A vision born of ones and zeros, A work of art that never slows.

i think that was beautiful, as that sinks in lets continue ranking this satisfying 3d render demos from artists around the web.

#1 Food scans by poliigon

at number one we have this suspicious looking peach fruit, i must say who ever did this knew exactly what they were doing, they had hundreds of fruits to choose from and different angles to take but still chose these. dont get me wrong, am not really complaining am just taking time to appreciate and recognize another man of culture here, bravos team poliigon your textures are great but your fruits are thicker

#2 Max panysh full cgi render

at number #2 its Max panysh’s turn to give us our daily does of nulstagia by bringing back

this 2000s too fast too furious vibe, when fast and furious was about cars and low rides, the vibrant car paints and spot rims, he really nailed the look with this one. i also like the post processing he did, add chromatic aberration and color collection ,to give the effect that this was taped on a tape recorder, nice.

here is another version with different cars

3 stunning visual city

@ruihung_art puts my years of blender experience to shame, when i first saw this i thought it was a trailer for some netflix show but no this was him just showing off his mastery of blender, what an incredible render, the level of detail and art visionary he used is just on another level of satisfaction, i am not rating these render but if i was this would get a 12 out of 10 satisfaction rating.

he also gives us a sneak peak behind the scenes or behind the render in this case and breakdown the artwork to show that there no tricks to fool you, this is just hours an hours of hard work, you look left, right, top bottom everywhere you will find detail, it doesn’t say in the post but he must be using 3.5 with viewport compositing and this is renderd in eevee by the way so be double impressed.

#4 @cocyan_viz

I added this one in here hoping that you cleaver blender exparts could tell me how @cocyan_viz did this, if you know let me know in the comments. these look like planes with texture and a normal map to capture light, but the effect looks more pronounced than what you get with normal maps. you can see self shadowing in some areas which you never get with normal maps

#5 @wutianqing gives us this ink brush

Every time you think you are now a blender expert someone like wutianqing_ comes along to prove you wrong, he created his own ink brush using geometry nodes and demonstrated its use case by using it on this cat demo which is rigged and ready to use in a game engine, i would love to see a game in this design aesthetic

#6 Ehsan parizi generativeart

As we look at these blender demos its import to remind our selves that the goal of blender is to be as good if not better than all the other 3d programs, since the introduction of geometry nodes to blender, questions liked is geometry nodes as good as houdini yet have been asked, well here are some demos done in houdini

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