uv unwrapping is one of the hardest and most time consuming parts of an 3d project, its also necessary for texturing and exporting to other different DCCs.

the more complicated the model, more time you need to uv unwrap it unless if you use this free addon called unwrap me.

This addon simplifies the UV unwrapping process, allowing you to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of 3D. You can try it out for free on GitHub, and if you want to support its continued development and the addition of new features, you can purchase it on the Blender Market.

if you like the unwrap me you must like speedy workflows and convenience so let me introduce you to RBC, a physics based vehicle rigging addon that takes advantage of the blender powerful physics engine to rig your car, with this addon you can fully take advantage of the blender physics engine to animate your vehicles and support mesh collisions and more for

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