Geometry nodes Index viewer

for a beginner geometry nodes learning geometry nodes can be intimidating and the fact that its hard to visualize the data or points you are manipulating does not help either.

but this index viewer node can improve your learning experience, it shows you the index of any vertex, edge or polygon on your mesh making it easier to make selections and other things.

This Node Group lets you view the indices of the vertices, edges and polygons of a mesh. This Node Group only works with Blender 3.0 Beta and above as it uses the new fields system and it is also outputting attributes to shaders. Please watch the video in the second slide which shows some of its features and how to set it up.


  1. Go to File>Append…
  2. Navigate to the .blend file.
  3. Go to Index Viewer Fields II.blend\NodeTree
  4. Select “Index Viewer Fields II [Append This]” and click Append.
  5. Add the Node Group to your NodeTree.
  6. [Only for Shader Viewer] Connect the “Data” output from the Node Group to the Group Output. Go in the modifier properties, select the Geometry Nodes modifier and inside Output Attributes, type in “Data”.

download it:

if you love creating in blender you may love physical skylight and atmosphere addon

Physical Starlight and Atmosphere is a completely volumetric procedural sky, sunlight, and atmosphere simulator for Blender. It has been actively perfected for over 10 years already and since its release has been the go-to lighting tool for many independent artists to highly skilled professionals and studios.
Create your world by tweaking these parameters:

  • Variable Sun size and brightness
  • Binary Sun (extra rotating sun)
  • Procedural Atmosphere (adjust atmosphere density, height color, and more)
  • Stars (procedural or HDRI options supported)
  • Basic Clouds procedurally generated (adjust scale, thickness, coverage, lighting location, and more)
  • Procedural ground plane with variable height

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