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Adobe, the company behind popular apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects, has recently released their own version of generative AI called Firefly. This move may come as a surprise to some, considering that generative AI tools like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion are currently threatening to replace traditional artists who use Adobe’s products.

However, Adobe’s business model relies heavily on artists using their software, so it’s unlikely that they would create something that could potentially lead to their own demise. Instead, Firefly is geared towards helping artists improve their workflow and create better art, rather than replacing them altogether.

In fact, Firefly represents a compromise between traditional art and AI-generated imagery. It provides users with the ability to generate high-quality images without requiring years of experience in digital art, while still leaving room for artists to exercise their creativity and flourish.

Overall, Firefly is an impressive tool that helps artists speed up their creative process without sacrificing quality. It’s a clear example of how AI can be harnessed to aid traditional art, rather than replace it entirely.

some of the examples are just really impressive, here you can see an artist working on an image without importing any extra images from anywhere they are using Ai to generate the image and make variations on just selected areas, and you can extend the image by using a text prompt to fill in new areas of the image.

at first this looked like it would be a standalone application but its seems to be a tool that in integrated in other adobe apps like illustrator, here firefly is being used to turn font sketches into actual vector diagrams. illustrator had tools that could do something similar but what it could not produce was variations, and with a text prompt again you can ask the Ai to generate some variations of your sketched out fonts.

adobe touches’ almost every area of the creative processes including video, with there video editing suit which includes apps like premier pro and after effects. in the demo they also show you can use there generative Ai to make changes in your footage, this demo shows an artist turning the day time scene into a winter scene with just a text prompt

it also looks like they want to step in to generative 3d, they have a future section to show how this tool could be used to produce 3d compositions image you have a product photo from one camera angle, bad lighting and poor resolution, in the future there Ai could be used to produce a full 3d model just from that one image and even be used to relight the image, creating a better composition for you.

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