Most satisfying geometry nodes demos

1 Animal far show case

we kick off with this amazing far rag demo by kulddep singh, his using geometry nodes and curves to create the most realistic far demo i have ever seen in blender, the curves give the far directional flow like wind is blowing threw them or the effect you see when you move your hands through animal far, this was nearly impossible to do in the old hair system so kuldeep makes us realize the power of the new hair system with this amazing demo

2 particle collisions with geometry nodes

Cartesian caramel does not play around when it comes to geometry nodes and he was definitely not playing when he pulled off this particle self collision demo, his using his vast knowledge of geometry nodes to emit particles that avoid each other i would really love to see the noodles behind this setup to dive in and explore.

3 SDF addon

at number 3 we have joao desager joining our blender masters ranks with his SDF addon, i had to include this in though its not geometry nodes because it introduces a whole new way of modeling in blender, his addon is still a work in progress if you are igger to jump into SDF modeling there several standalone applications you can tryout today

4 no simulation needed

if you are running out of juice late as usual is here to make sure you don’t get dehydrated, hopefully he wont be late as usual this time, but his juice in a glass geometry nodes demo is right on time for a well needed refreshment, i have seen several demos like this and some from c4d just impressive what can be done with these applications

5 fixing cloth simulations

while on topic of simulation, checkout this addon that fixes cloth simulations by converting the simulation into shape keys that you can edit and fix any cloth intersecting, its already available and ready for production on blendermarket

6 new hair demo

so much development goes on at blender that its easy to miss game changing updates like this one, daniel bystedt is working on a demo file for the blender foundation that showcases the new hair nodes in 3.5, this demo is likely going to be available to download for free, when blender 3.5 is released

7 this goat is the goat

this goat was made with blender and houdini and rendered with red shift,

8 geometry nodes sushi

the reciepty is simple, alot of nodes, sprinkle some shaders on top, let it simmer for 2 minutes and shushi is ready. this was rendered in cycles

9 fluid simulation demo

am not sure what is most impressive about Sabrina Garcia’s bloodborne fanart, its hard to pick one specific thing to talk about, the blood simulation is too good, the stains on the bootle, the lighting, her glass shader, the texturing i could go on and on but i will let you do that for me.

after looking into this amazing render i knew she must have some other satisfying renders on her page so i stalked her twitter page to find this amazing cockpit render

and this mechanical rig

and this texturing showcase

10 forest path

this render of a procedural forest system by mitchell craft is a combination of alot of things i cannot list here but recomment you checkout his tweet thread to dive into the tutorials he watched to do this.

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