Animate real robots with blender addon

have you ever tried animating a robot using blender, well now you can, developer and engineer Niko Vladimirov has released an addon called Marionette, a mind blowing blender addon that lets you control a real robot using blender.

robots are not different from rigged characters in an animation program, in 3d you have the mesh as the body and the amatuer or bones are the motors driving the motion of the robot, all you need is a way to map the bones to the motors and then transfer the bone animations to the motors, this is obviously more difficult than am making it sound but Niko Vladimirov has simplified the process, to make it as easy as it sounds using his free addon.

blender realwater shader

the addon lets you connect a robot to an armature rig in blender so that what you animate is as if it was a character.

the idea of puppeteering a robot via a 3d program like this, is not new, its a neat technique that has been used in the vfx industry for along time, this is called animatronics and infact, if you watched the mandolorian, this is how Baby Yoda was animated.

so if you want to have some fun with robots there is no need for you to program the movements from scratch, just download the blender addon, connect your robot and start animating directly in blender.

you get Realtime preview and if you are done with your animation you can download the animation data to your robot and save it directly to it so its nolonger linked to blender and playback the animation offline

download addon

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