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If you are a blender user, you should at least watch one of the blender studio movie projects, and if you have, you must wonder what animation tools they use to make there animations feel so life like, obviously they are using blender, but did you know they have an insane rigging system that you can download for free.

this rigging system, was used in many movies including caminandes, cosmos laundromat, agent 327 and spring.

this is a robust system that can accommodate a variety of animation styles.

Previously, making this rig work, required a lot technical know how but thanks to jpbouza an addon developer its has been simplified into a simple addon with an automatic rigging guide. that takes you through the process with animated image popups and texts that show you what to do.

the guide shows you all the necessary controls and how to place them on your rig and when it comes to rigging the face, the guide will create a face mask that will automatically place the deformation bones.

you can also use the main controllers to align the mask correctly to your model, once you are done you can bake the rig.

the rig comes with a variety of deformations that you can test out right away to make sure everything was baked correctly, the same process can be repeated for the different parts of the body like the hands and feet.

this rigs comes with alot of tricks to ensure you can make the best animations and deformations including a mesh deform modifier that is just a lower resolution mesh cage of the original model.

this cage is used to drive the deformation of the character and its bind to the original character so that when the cage is animated, the original character is animated too.

This is important otherwise you would have to spend hours on hours setting up weight groups and linking them to the underlying rig.

In contrast the mesh cage from the addon has all this setup and ready to go, so you can jump right into animation with all the premade deformations setup for you.

so if you are ready to dive into animation without spending hours rigging, tryout blendrig.

Download BlendRig

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