More than 10 million of you have downloaded blender and 80% of you are beginners who have no idea about these amazing free addons that pro are using, so i am going to go through a lot of them briefly to show you how useful they could be to you.

1 Copy and paste Images into blender

speed things up by using this copy and paste addon that let you copy images from anywhere, from the web, or your drive and paste them directly into your shader editor as a texture or 3d viewport as reference or image on a plane.

2 DeepBump

after pasting your image into the shader editor as a texture with Imagepaste, one more addon you can install is deepBump, use it to create a normal map, height map and cavity map from the image with just a single click.

3 Adobe Substance 3D addon for blender

still on the topic of materials and shaders, this substance addon for blender makes it easy for you to import smart substance materials in blender, you also get access to the smart material parameters so you can customize it to your liking, if you dont have any substance material there hundreds to download on the substance community website

4 Simple Tabs

this list contains alot of addons, so you will need an easy way to manage them inside blender so let me introduce you simple tabs, its a free addon that helps manage your addons better in a popup menu

5 Image 2 Mesh [keI2M]

like adding details without working to hard, this image to mesh addon can help you with that, just look for the image detail you want to convert to a mesh and it will be done in a matter of clicks.

6 Differential Growth addon

if you loved the last of us series, then you are going to love differential growth. this addon can be a great way to generate these bezoar looking organic patterns that look similar to the last of us fungus plants.

what i love more about this addon is its satisfying animation it creates, trully fusinating.

the addon is free and opensource

7 Cracks and Damage Maker Addon

real life is imperfect, things break, crack and damage, 3d renders mimic realife and with out cracks and damage your renders will never look realistic, even non photo realistic renders need some cracks and damage and thats what this cracks and damage addon will give you

8 Action Recorder

if you have used photoshop before you have probably used something similar to action recorder, you record actions you want to repeat and hit play back. in 3d modeling you do alot of repeative tasks like 90% of the time, wouldn’t it be nice to just do them once and just let the computer repeat them as you want, this addon does something similar to that, you select the actions you want to record and when you have to repeat them the addon takes over.

9 The plant library

the plant library is a collection of highly detail vegetation from the makers of geo scatter, most beginners will not need more vegetations than what is in this collection, its simply amazing how much value is being given away here.

10 BiomReader

like the plant library we have just looked at, biomreader is made by the makers of geo scatter and actually the plant library collection is meant to work with the biomreader, what this addon is, speaks to the nature of the blender community, a group of artists working together to create breathtaking content.

the biomreader is meant as a standard scattering addon for vegetations so it works with other addons like botaniq to help you scatter vegetation in a realistic way

11 Nature Clicker

if you have ever wanted to place objects in a scene randomly, then you know its alot of work, you either have to use geometry nodes or the particle system, with natural clicker all you do is select the objects you want to scatter and then click away, where you click is where the object is added, you can enable random scale and rotation so your objects dont look too similar

12 wiggle Bones

Wiggle Bones more like jiggle bones, its really made for people of culture if you get it, you get it.

you can use wiggle bones for secondry animation, it uses physics to give secondary bones natural animation, bones can fall, collide hence creating life like ragdoll animation.

13 BlenRig6

this is not just an addon, its a whole workflow overhaul, blenRig is what blender studio pulls out when they are ready to make character animations, it was used in a lot of open source projects including agent 327, cosmos laundromat, spring and more. you want to be make professional animations, do miss out on this, its free and available now.

14 Animation Extras

speaking of animation, animation extras is yet another addon to help you make animations easier, the addon adds a 3d onion skinning effect so you can see how your animation poses are progressing through the timeline.

the addon does not draw extra meshes, but draws directly to the viewport using blenders BGL and Gpu modules, so your viewport does not incur any extra computations as a result of the addon.

15 Procedural Slime Add-on

you like slime in real life you must like slime in 3d too, but seriously this can be useful for creating screaming monsters with slimy sliver. it comes with settings for material, droopiness of the slime and more

15 Buildify 1.8

trying to make a city with some nice assets, Pavel Oliva got you with his buildify addon, its free, packed and ready to go, this addon works with other free asset parks you can download like the modular desert kit, to create a different type of city

16 Asset Creation Toolset 3.3

17 Flow Map Painter

want to make a river, use flow map painter to paint the flow of your water, texture coordinates are just colors Red Green and blue representing the axis xyz, because they are colors, you can treat them like a canvas and draw the coordinates of your textures, flow map painter just makes that process lot easier for you 

18 Pipe generator

no futher explanation needed here, this is just a quick way to lay pipe, they even come with proper joints and textures

19 Ai render

built ontop of stable diffusion, all you need is a few basic shapes or silhouettes of your scene and a description of what you are trying to make and the Ai render will take over from there, no more polygon modeling, no more complicated shaders, use primitive shapes to guide the Ai to produce the final results.

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