No industry has seen rapid growth as the Ai industry, it feels like no day goes by without hearing about a new Ai that does this or that, its hard to keep track of all Ais more so finding the useful ones for you so let me put them all here so you can find the ones you like most.

1 AI or Not Ai detector

with all these AI generators i think we should start with this Ai detector that can you can use to determine whether an image has been generated by Ai or human.

you just upload an image and the ai will do its thing to determine the chances of the image being a product of an Ai or made by a human

2 SoundFrames Ai

for individuals with chronic conditions and communities who should limit their use of keyboards sound frames is a website that lets you record your prompt and like midjourney or stable diffusion generate images based on what you say. you can try it in all different types of languages

its a great way to bring more accessibility to image generation tools to all kinds of people.

3 Hollywood 2.0 Ai

need to translate your movie or short film into different languages, this Ai does more than that, its always to tell when a movie is translated because the lip sync is always off but with hollywood 2.0 thats a problem of the past, you can reskin your characters face to make them pronounce the words with correct lip sync thanks to this Ai tool

4 3D creation with AI

if your phone does not support LAdA needed for 3d scanning, this Ai only needs a video recording and it will extract the 3d model for you with full textures

5 DreamPose

This Ai can let you give your images a different pose from the original one, and if you want it can also be used to generate a video out of a single image, its based off stable diffusion. what is truelly impressive about this Ai is its ability to animate the clothes and make the models turn

6 Infinitely Expand Images Ai

if you want to be impressed by Ai try infinity image, you start with a small box, and expand the image with new parts as far as you want.

7 Isolate image selection AI

if you have a busy image and want just one thing from that image, then this Ai can help you with that, of course photoshop can do that but it requires experience and an expensive subscription

8 Reimagine Ai

ever wonder how your image, drawing or render would look in a different style, setting, lighting or just different weather, this re imagine Ai allows you to do just that.

9 Ai Powered Animation with Cascadeur

if you want accurate physics based animation, cascadeur is you friend, just create the key poses for your character and let the Ai take over the inbetweens and secondary motion. you can use it for humaniods and other kinds of characters.

its a standalone application that can export in different formats supported by popular 3d applications like blender, but i have had a blender plugin is also in works.

10 skybox Ai world generator

Ai is yet to produce fully built 3 dimensional worlds we can explore but progress is being made, a good example of this is blockade labs skybox Ai that generates a 360 world from your text prompt.

they even have a list of styles to select from. these 360 worlds can also be used as hdri backgrounds that you can add to your 3d renders if you want to know more about this i have a video tutorial on it.

11 Enhance that Ai

remember that film and television trope where a detective solving a crime orders a technician to zoom and enhance pixelated video or photos on a computer to the magnitude of 1000s that you can see the perpetrator’s face in the reflection of some ones eyes sitting in a cafe across the street. well this Upscale and Enhance Ai is not up to that level yet but it can upscale your low resolution image to are higher resolution.

12 video Upscale Ai

have some old anime you want to watch it, but you hate watching it in 240p resolution you have of it, no problem this video upscale Ai will upres what ever video you throw at it, just use the right model

13 sound ful

Can you imagine interstellar with out hans Zimmers sound track, or movie trailers without those epic tracks, they would not be the same, if you don’t have the money to hire a professional to make your sound tracks hire this Ai to do it for you, it can create all sorts of music in different genres from scratch.

14 Wonder Studio Ai

this is not just a simple Ai tool, this is a full application suit, that you can use for all sorts of visual effects, from object removal, motion tracking, object tracking, background removal, performace capture and more. its one of the most impressive tools i have seen in a while, it takes workflows that took hours and manpower and accomplishes them in a few minutes with just a few clicks.

15 Create Textures With Poly

making textures has always been a time consuming process, you either do it procedurally with a program like adobe substance designer or go out in the world and take photos of different surfaces, do alot of work to clean them up in photoshop then you can finally use them, you would have to do this for any type of surface you want, mable, rock, tiles, wood. if you dont want you can buy a subscription from poligon or use polyheaven, but if they dont have the exact texture you want you have run out of luck, or have you? this website uses an Ai to generate any texture you want and give you all the pbr maps you need.

just describe the texture and a pbr set will be availed to you.

16 Dream Textures

just like poly, dream textures is a generative ai that you can use to generate seamless textures to use, the advantage of dream textures is that its a blender plugin so you can do this directly in blender and import the textures directly in your shaders and materials.

17 midjourney

its impossible for a day to go by without hearing about this Ai, like most generative AI, midjouney can generate art in any style from user fed in text prompts.

18 Stable Diffusion

Stable diffusion is the second popular image generator after midjourney, what makes it very popular is its unrestricted use cases, and available models available. while midjourney especially version 5 produces superior quality. You would get banned if you try to generate explicit images, this is not the case for stable diffusion.

19 Erase things from Video Ai

photobombing is a thing of the past with this AI, and it works with video too, if you want to record in a busy street but can’t close it down, shoot as is and erase the cars and crowds with this erase Ai tool.

20 Deep swap is an online AI face swap app to generate faceswap videos, photos, and GIFs. 

It is a web-based tool that swaps the faces of two people in a picture or video and uses deep learning techniques to produce convincing and realistic results. As we all know, face swap technology has been developed for many years and has created a lot of funny pictures and videos, such as spoofing your friends, acting as an actor, etc. 

21 Ai video editor

if you a video editor or youtuber this one is for you, video time can be a time consuming, take back your time with this Ai, it can cut out silence and bad takes and even work with multiple cameras.

22 HeyGen

need a talking head video but are shy and dont want to pay a professional to do it, No problem Heygen can do that for you, its an Ai that can create a talking style video presentation of your script with generated Audio and visuals, you can create a generated person, add a script and you are done all in a few seconds.

23 Nvidia broadcast

the Nvidia broadcast Ai is for you if you do tutorials or record sound in noisy areas, it can isolate your voice from the background noise

24 Ai powered background removal

fake pngs have infested the internet, if you have ever tried to find an image on google with no background you have run into fake PNGs, these images are made to look like they have no background with a fake checker background pattern that indicates transparency. this Ai powered website will help you remove backgrounds and unblur images as well

25 Image Restoration Ai

do you have any old images you want to restore, this Ai will do that for you, you can also use it to remove unwanted objects in your images.

26 Remove Any video Background Ai

green screens are a thing of the past, they are best for indoor scenes, with perfect lighting and its hard to remove green spill, this Ai video Background removal solves this, shoot where ever you want, with what ever you have and just select the characters or objects you want to keep and the rest will be removed.

27 3D Humans from Photo

need animated background characters but dont want to 3d scan people, then rig them, and animate them, no worries use your phone to record a video of your self and let this Ai create a 3d model of you fully animated and textured, this Ai is even capable of generating the back side that the camera is not seeing, trully impressive.

28 Ai powered website builder

if you want to grow your business as an artist, remember Art is 80% business and 20% art, most of the time is spent of looking for clients, talking to them and promoting your work, the 20% is when you are doing something creative but with tools like Butternut Ai, you can take back some of that time by letting this Ai powered website builder setup the website for you. you give it some basic information about your business and it will generate a website for you in a few minutes

29 AI Background Generator

We have already looked at a few Ai background removers but sometimes you dont have a background and need one that fits your product, this Ai does just that. you upload an image and it will generate a matching background for your products, with matching lighting, perspective and color correct the image to make the final image look seamless

30 Localize videos

broaden your audience by this localize Ai, it takes your video and dubs it in over 60 languages with just a few clicks.

31 Polycam Texture Generator

if you are tired of looking for textures on the web but cant find what you need polycam the makers of polycam a photogrammetry app have created a website you can use to generate all sorts of textures

32 Ai based 3d applications

forget blender plugins, this application is built from ground up to support Ai, you have a prompt box centered above the application to type in your commands that the software will execute, this seems great for some simple and quick motion graphics demos.

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