Amazing Addons using new Blender features

if you are like me, you are always out there looking for some new exciting stuff like addon, and workflows to improve how you work, and blender being a software that is always changing and evolving as they add new features, Addon developers are also doing the same trying to take advantage of the new features and looking for ways to make them even better with there own twist.

today we are going to look at such addons that are taking advantage of new features in blender

Higgsas Geometry Nodes Toolset

If you think geometry nodes is the future then you are in agreement with a lot of people including myself, but geometry nodes is no joke, you have to do everything from scratch even things you have already done in previous projects you have to redo them in new projects, it can be stressful, but you can stop stressing with Higgas’s Geometry Nodes Toolsets, this set of geometry nodes node groups extends the functionality of geometry nodes and gives you a pack of nodes or node templates that are going to improve how you work.

One of the best asset it comes with is the geometry deformers that you can use to bend, twist, screw any meshes.

Memory Optimizer

other jems included in the pack are, the line tracer that traces any image into a curve or this tesselate node group that converts any mesh into a threaded, weaved mesh, there are alot of nodes included so check it out for your self

checkout Higgsas Geometry nodes pack

Are you tired of the computer out of memory error, every time you want to render something, this addon by poligoniq is here to save you render time and frustration, Out of memory errors are most of the times caused by having too many large textures in your scene, the bigger the images the more memory they take up until you run out, to solve this you can use smaller resolution images but that will affect the quality of your renders significantly.

what memory saver does, is you can use any texture sizes you want but it will dynamically prioritize objects closer to the camera, render them at full size while scaling down textures that are far from the camera or occluded and away from the camera view.

checkout memory optimizer

Hair Brick Addon

another new feature of blender that has been prominent other than geometry nodes is the new hair system, Hair brick addon takes full advantage of this and improves how you can create hair in blender, bringing you a range of presets so that you always have way done when you start working with hair

Moss Biome Ground Assetkit

If detail is what you want, then you wont skip out on checking out Moss Biome, its a nature asset kit containing about 79 different variants of nature assets fitting into a mossy biome.

these can be really usefull for close up shots of nature environments

its not just the highly detailed models that are impressive but how the work together to create a realistic looking eco system. the assets can also be scattered using the scatter addon

if you want to see more amazing renders of this

checkout moss biome

free column generator

If you are running low on your monthly addon budget, take a break from spending and grab your self this free stone column generator by bagapie, you can get it dissect its nodes to learn more about geometry nodes and the different ways creators use it to make amazing projects.

get free column generator


Do you hate fire simulations because of how unpredictable they are, then Kafire is addon you are going to love, its an addon for those who want to get results in a few clicks. Kafire gives you an interface and controls for you to take charge of your fire and smoke simulations, what i love most about this addon is how you have these arrows that you can control to direct the explosions.

you can also play with the timing of each emitter to create a more realistic fire explosion, the addon is well documented for those of you who want full customization but for others like me, you can just select of a number of templates and you are good to go. it also works with kaboom which is another addon by the same creator.

checkout Kafire

Fracutre Iterator 1.5

You can’t call your self a vfx artists if you cant make a destruction effect. most movies, animations or action film always have a shot where an object is destroyed or the ground caves in. so It would be nice to have a quick way to acomplish something like that without first sweating out and figiting with the inbuilt cell fracture, that tool you need is the fracture iterator. this addon has been around for about 2years now but just got a major update i think you will enjoy.

checkout Fracture-iterator

Procedural fluid simulators

this fluid simulation addon works on surfaces like textures and images, you can use it to make amazing reveal effects and transitions and you do not need a powerfull computer to use it.

those where some of the new addons taking advantage of blender new features

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