Crazy Good Blender Generators you missed

the world of generators is here, forget about polygon modeling this is procedural modeling at its peak, these generators are some of the best, they turn a single click into a building , or a city or a few clicks into a planet and more.

so lets look at them.

Medieval Castle Generator

i bet you 100$ that you can’t model a castle from scratch to this level of detail in a week or two, this generator does it in less than a few seconds, the level of detail is unprecedented. you can make the castle as big as you want and make changes as you want, let me see you try to do that with your handmade version kkekekekekke.

check it out

Hira Building Generator

another Generator that does work that would be done by 20 artists for a month but does it in seconds is the Hira building generator, if you daut what am saying, open up blender and try it your self, i bet you another $100 you will give-up in the next 2hours. this generator doesn’t just generate the outside of the building, it can generate interiors too, including stairs, floors and ceiling.

Planet Generator

don’t for a second try to compare this generator to any other planet generator, just watch this promo video of camera flying from outer space into the planet, i have no idea how this is possible, the level of detail, the texturing, the clouds, putting something like this together is disgustingly difficult. but this generator makes it super easy.

check it out

Droplet Generator 

if am not careful this list is going to be a list of generators that can do things you couldn’t do easily in blender, or that could not be done in a reasonable time. you can find tutorials on how to add droplets using the particle system but the droplets will overlap and wont have the same droplet effect and gravity pool you see acting on the ones generated by this addon.

this generator also supports animation

Realtime Flame Generator

Your Potato pc will probably thank you for this, no more stressing with heavy fire simulations, this addon just uses geometry nodes to create realtime flames. it works for any objects you can through at it, the fire looks amazing and you dont need an expensive computer to render it

check it out here

Dust Generator

its hard to name a scenario where dust particles don’t fit in the scene, but for some reason they are skipped or added as an afterthought. this is because they are not easy to make so its easy to forget them too, but with this one click generator you can add animated particles in just a few seconds

check it out

Wheel Generator

Car wheels are those things that look simple to make until you try them, am sure you all know what am talking about, every 3d artists firsts attempt at 3d modeling begins with trying to model a human character, a full city with traffic people, buildings with interiors and cars. how naïve we all are at the start.

I wish i had this wheel generator from the beginning.

check it out.

Spider web generator

standing out in a sea of artists requires you have a great eye for detail, this spider web generator can be an extra tourch to your scenes to make them stand out, it can create a wide range of webs and and structures, the webs can also snap to objects near them to give a more realistic spider webs scene. you can also add water droplets to the web

check it out

Baga Rain Generator

if you struggle making people wet here is your consolation addon, this rain generator can be used to make everything wet, make heavy rain in just a few clicks, its also capable of making wet shaders, so make wood wet, make hard rock wet, get characters wet make everything wet

check it out

Sci Fi Space Station Generator

i swear to you i have scene big budget scifi movies with spaceships that dont come close to the level of detail this generator makes. So make sure you don’t miss out on this spaceship generator, it comes with alot of detailings including lighting and animation.

check it out

Easy Traffic Generator

when geometry nodes was being pitched it was pitched as a future replacement of everything in blender it was promoted as everything nodes, i used to think that was just promotion BS but not anymore, if you told me a few years a go you could simulate traffic like this without ever animating anything i would not believe you, well this Easy traffic generator does exactly that.

check it out

Volumetric Clouds Generator

a month a go, i made a video of how to download hundreds of volumetric clouds that you can import into blender but i hate going out of blender for anything am simply that lazy, so when a solution like this clouds volumetric generator popes up, it gets me excited and pumped.

you can use it to generate any sort of clouds for your skies.

check it out

Rock Generator

can’t believe your yes, me too , but do believe that this generator can generate rocks with the level of detail you are seeing, no need for further explanation, let your imagination run wild with what you can do with such a tool.

check it out

Fish Generator

if you want to create a school of fishies animated and under the ocean, then this generator should not be skipped by you, control the speed, fish animation and more.

Antenna Radar Generator

this scifi antena generator can be used for alot of things, you can use it to detail roof tops with satelight and network dishes, ships, or just as cell towers in your renders.

the generated antennas are quite detailed and textured as well.

check it out

Infinite Plant Generator

this generator generates all sorts of plants and gives you a level of control and detailing that i have not seen in alot of plant generators

check it out.

Spock: Structured Scifi Packer

if you like pulling out, then this generator is what you want to pullout first when ever you want to create a scifi interior, or ship interior, its a collection of scifi elements and can place them onto surface in a way that looks functional

Neon Generator

Neon lights are festinating, they turn boring renders into amazing renders, but they are not easy to make, this generator uses blender animation nodes, which are different from geometry nodes, to make neon lights easy to create.

check it out

FLoor Gnerator

Sometimes textures are not enough to get the detail you want, this floor generator will generate all tiles of wooden floors in detail which will capture lights and reflections the way you want

this list can go one forever but i will end it here so you can jump into blender and enjoy the generators

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