blender Addons vs Cinema4d Plugins

blender is the most used 3d application of all time given that its free and robust, it can do almost everything and its capability is ever growing, similarly cinema 4d is the most popular 3d application for motion graphics animation and there are more professionals using cinema4d than blender.

but its not cheap, to add to that, cinema 4d whilst capable it lucks some functionality and the only way to get that functionality is by the help of plugins, cinema 4d has some of the best plugins out there like xparticles and mograph, so i wanted to see how they would do compared to the blender addons, so this is going to be a list of cinema 4d plugins vs blender addons.

1 Lighting plugins for cinema 4d vs Blender

both blender and cinema 4d come with inbuilt lights and lighting systems like sky textures but if you want professional looking lighting in a few clicks addons and plugins are your best bet.

if you use cinema 4d light kit pro is one addon you should look into, comes with studio lighting presets, product rendering presets and more, if blender is your goto 3d application a plugin that works and functions like light kit pro in blender is Leomoon Lightstudio, this addon is great for making product renders, studio lighting and any other type of lighting but what really stands out, is how good it is for product lighting because of how it lets you direct the placement of reflections on specific parts of an object.

2 Cinema 4d Xparticles plugin vs blender Addons

the truth is there is no blender addon that compares to xparticles by insydium, this cinema 4d plugin is like a more polished version of geometry nodes that can also be used for smoke and fire simulation, particle animation, cloth and fluid simulation. the only thing in blender that compares to xparticles is geometry nodes, but with geometry nodes because its still in development you have to do everything from scratch and you still can’t control fluid or smoke simulations with geometry nodes the way you would with xparticles.

3 C4d crowd simulation vs Blender Crowd simulation

if you want to create animated crowds in cinema4d you can use plugins like mograph to archive convincing large crowds, while in blender you can rely on addons like procedural crowds.

What you need most out of a crowd plugin or addon is object avoidance, so that crowd agents do not go through each other or walls, you also want control over crowd behavior’s so that the crowd agents can react simultaneously to ongoing events, another thing would be randomization, though you want the crowd to react in a similarly fashion, you don’t want there animation to be exactly the same, you want the timing and animation to be a bit different and finally optimization. there is no point of having realistic crowds if you can’t render them.

these are all features both cinema 4d mograph and procedural crowds for blender can provide

4 Xparticles vs blender rbd lab addon

rbdlab blender addon

i previously said there is no addon that compares to xparticles and the reason for that is because xparticles does alot of things most blender addons are very good at doing specific things, like rbd lab a vfx addon that brings some of the functionality from xparticles into blender.

like xparticles rbd lab is great for creating vfx effects like object destruction, smoke simulation, adding debris and more.

5 Vue world generator for c4d vs terrain generator for blender

VUE is a standalone application that provides a procedural toolset for environment creation. you can Generate fractal-based terrains, paint interactively or automatically deploy thousands of instances with VUE’s EcoSystem technology and create beautiful volumetric clouds and skies.

the Vue cinema 4d plugin makes it possible to create scenes directly in C4D or open and edit standalone VUE scenes and combine them with native C4D assets. Convert complete scenes to native C4D assets, if you are using blender true terrain gives you comparable creation tools inside blender. it does not come with all the features of vue, but its also not as expensive as Vue.

6 signal Cinema 4d animation plugin vs blender RTMG addon

Real Time Motion Graphics ‘RTMG’ blender course

when its time to make animations without keyframes, signal is a simple drag and drop procedural plugin for cinema 4d, you can use it to make looping animation.

Signal also supports field triggered animation so that object animations start only if they are in range of a field. thought this sort of functionality is achievable with blenders built-in geometry nodes, the time it takes to set it up to work is more than what it would take if you are to key frame animate everything.

so if you are looking for a blender addon that gives you comparable functionality and amazing motion graphics animation RTMG is a great alternative for artists who want to use signal but only use blender.

7 Forester Cinema 4d plugin vs blender

forester is a vegetation and plant library for cinema 4d that has scattering abilities like the scatter addon for blender and a library of plants, trees and vegetations like blender addons, botaniq and vegetation addon, these all have high quality tree and plant models at fair prices and they all have scattering abilities for creating plant eco systems.

8 xfrog procedural c4d plugin vs blender baga pie addon.

Bagapie blender addon

xfrog adds procedural organic modeling tools to cinema 4d, this addon is like a simplified version of geometry nodes, but as you know geometry nodes is pretty difficult to use but it is also the most powerful tool that has ever been added to blender since cycles render engine, to take advantage of it and get functionality similar to cinema4d’s xfrog plugin, you can try using bagapie, which comes with a collection of premade geometry nodes assets from model generators, plants generators, ivy generator and more. these assets are powered by geometry nodes but have there input parameters exposed by the baga pie addon to give an easy way to customize the assets without ever looking at the nodes that make them.

9 cinema 4d Mograph vs Blender J-mograph addon

J-mograph addon

Cinema 4d’s Mograph toolset is unmatched in the 3d industry, it was originally created for the motion design and broadcast graphics,  it quickly established itself in many other areas of 3D visualization. MoGraph can be used to quickly and easily distribute vegetation throughout an entire scene or even create a network of roads, and much more.

To replicate its functionality in blender JunJie a blender addon developer created J-Mograph as a clone for mograph in order to bring some of its functionality into blender.

10 Cinema 4d Toon Rig vs Blender Auto Rig Pro

when it comes to rigging characters cinema 4d brings you toon rig, which is a c4d character object preset that allows you to recreate the exaggerated movements and stretched, twisted body parts you love from Warner’s Looney Tunes, Merry Melodies and many other classic cartoon movies.

The rig also includes a fully fledged face rig that can grimace in every imaginable way.

 myriad of control options and gizmos leave nothing to be desired, no matter what you want to do with your character. 

similary blender comes with rigify, which gives you a full human rig. what you dont get from it, is the full range of control like toon rig to create exaggerated movements and stretching. for that you can try Auto rig pro, and blenrig.

11 C4d Cloth simulation plugins vs Blender Cloth Addons.

Cinema 4d s26 brought new features to there cloth simulation system that in most cases you don’t need to use any plugins, but before that, plugins like syflex where priceless, they gave you the controls you needed to make proper garments, shirts and putting them together.

Today blender is still at in the same place cinema4d was before the s26 update, blender comes with a capable cloth simulation system but lucks proper tools to take full advantage of the system, if you want more control over your cloth simulation, addons like cloth in motion will give you that.

Another great alternative to cinema syflex plugin is simply cloth and simply material, these are two addons by the same developers they bring the functionality of marvelous designer inside blender, simply material is a cloth and garmet material library for all types of clothes.

12 C4d xpFluidFlip plugin vs blender FlipFluid addon

when it comes to fluid simulation the xpFluidflip is the addon of choice for alot of cinema 4d artists while for blender artists its the FlipFluids Addon.

Both addons produce nearly similar results and both come with a number of tools to help you guide the simulation

13 c4d traffic plugin vs blender traffic addon

If what you want is heavy or light traffic, both cinema 4d and blender have plugins for that,

cinema 4d has a plugin called real traffic , the plugin is based on the intelligent driver model which is a robust traffic following model developed  by the Institute of Economy and Transport of the TU Dresden.

RealTraffic simulates human driving behavior, which can be influenced by a few simple parameters and is modified with any vehicle using random function values.

For Blender Addons like Easy Traffic generator will give you similar results for the fraction of the price, inside blender.

those where some addons that give you comparable functionality in blender and cinema4d

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