Flower growth animation – blender tutorial

this is a breakdown of the project, screenshots, files and references or sources used

here is the original version done in cinema 4d

final version

full video:


  • the animation was based on a curve, i animated the trim of the curve using geometry nodes
  • added thickness to the stem of the flower using curve to mesh with a custom profile for more detail
  • instanced the leaves on to the same curve using the curve to points and instance on curves nodes
  • created the flower petal animation as a seperate object,
  • instanced that object onto the top of the curve, to make sure it was only instanced at the tip of the curve i used the end selection node for the selection input in the instance on points node.
  • to add the bounce effect, i used a math node with a sine operation to create a looping bounce effect and applied that to the rotation of the leaves and petals.
  • notice how the camera movement adds to the sale of the animation
  • i also used some light gobos in the animation to get some nice looking shadows and lighting

About light gobos.


heart material:

this uses two grunge textures blended together and fed into the roughness node, then some color and transmission set to 1, to make it look like glass

project files:

project files: gumroad: https://esmiles.gumroad.com/l/vsfuue patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/84243325/

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