Blender Generators for lazy people

if you are a hard working fella who loves modeling this video is not for you, infact go to the next video before i show you these lazy people generators that can do anything you want without modeling.

I- mesh

if you want to get shit done in no time, no generator can match I-mesh generator, its truly a generator for lazy people, instead of modeling anything, why not just grab a photo from google or any where and turn that in 3d.

that’s exactly what i-mesh does, it generates a mesh from the depth map of the image, on to which the image its self is projected as a texture. this gives you are 3d scene that you can navigate with 180 degrees of rotation.

2 Fluid Painter

these new generators are making it harder and harder, justifying doing things the old way, where you make everything from scratch step by step, like this fluid painter, that just adds fluids on objects without any simulation, just a few clicks and you are good to go. May be modeling is your hobbie but modeling fluid is not something anyone expects you to know how to do, there simulators for that and for those who have no patience for simulators there is this fluid painter generator. sign me up.

3 L Wiggle

i never thought i would recommend products that make things soft and floppy, instead of hard and firm, but this addon adds jiggly effects to any parts of the body you want so it may come in handy, especially if you are animating characters. it makes things look lively.

4 Procedural Building

i bet you 100$ dollars i can use this building generator to create a realistic building in any style you want before you can delete the default cube

5 Architectural Pack

next challenge, if you thought the last challenge was unfair lets try this, i can make a bridge, that is textured, and ready to render in a time it takes you to open blender and delete a default cube by just using this architectural pack. and this includes other thing like streat lamps, castle walls and more and yes you could say i wont have the satisfaction of saying i made it all by myself, but guess what i will have the satisfaction of completing a project and delivering something that people can watch or a client can use. and all you would have done in that time, is opened blender, deleted the default cube and added it back again, noice kekekeke.

6 Procedural Roof Generator

imagine modeling a roof from scratch for days, only for it to be 2 pixels in the background that no body will see, but what if there is an unplanned closeup short of the roof esmile!, well thats why you use this generator that makes it in 5 seconds instead of days, and you get all the detail you expect in just a few clicks, it can be customizable and reusable for any type of shorts.

7 Dust Particles Generator

here is another $100 challenge, i bet you can’t setup dust particles that look as good as this in the time it takes me to finish this sentence, but i can using this dust generator, and infarct i can have multiple variations and types from, dust particles, welding sparks, fire or ember particles and you would have to setup a particle system, do a turn of tests before you have something that looks great, if dust particles are the main feature of your scene, do spend as much time as you want, but if they are just appearing as secondary actors then i recommend this dust particle generator.

8 line Art Generator

no matter the niche or style of animation i know there is aways someone equally lazy trying to take shortcuts, this is true for anime content creators, so i did not forget about you, one of the most time consuming task when it comes to making anime, is making your anime look like anime, if you want to take shortcuts but still get great results, this line art generator is a gift to you my friend. its going to save you alot of time achieving that anime look you want.

9 Pupa Animate Pro

being lazy does not have to stop at modeling, you can now be a lazy animator too thanks to this addon Pupa Animator Pro, it comes with over 1600 animations, 1600 thats alot and most importantly it comes with an automatic rigging tool similar to mixamo library, that uses dots to correctly align the built in rig with your character making sure your character is compatible with the 1600 animations that comes with the addon. so you dont have any excuse for not having animated characters in your background any more.

 10 Cloud Creator /Vdb Cloud Library

if you are a keen observer, then you know this was never about laziness but about efficiency and being productive, the sky is the limit but time is the chain that keeps us on the ground, shoot for the skies with this cloud generator, your worlds will never fill empty with this vdb cloud library that comes with over 200 vdb clouds and on top of that its a cloud generator for creating custom clouds.

11 Loop amazing visualizations

if you are trying to hypnotize someone into liking you, this wont work, but it surely looks amazing, this generator gives you over 50 looped visualized animations, 90s kids remember this windows media player effects that would play as a screensaver on your computer as you played music, this generator does exactly that.

12 Lightning Electric Generator

when people ask, how did you manage to make such time consuming effects like this lightning effect. look straight into there eyes and tell them you spent sleepless nights working on them, only you and me can know that it was just a click of a button, no need to spill our secrets, yes the creator of the addon may want to be credited but am sure if we slip a few dollars into there pocket they may backup our lies too.

13 Building Generator

this post ussr building generator is not new, and infact was one of the first generators to be made when geometry node was introduced in blender, the reason i added it here is to remind you how great the maker of the next generator in this list, the shooter breeder.

14 shoot breader

if your shoota does not satisfy you, then your girl friend is going to enjoy this one, i know your mom did. kekekekekekeke but serious this generator can generate all sorts of guns in different styles, big black ones, big white one, long, short, anything you can think of Alexey Yakovlev made sure you could get.

15 Low poly City Generator

i remember the days when you had to do this by hand, am sure some of you prefer the old way, me nah this generator is enough, just a few clicks and all buildings, roads, cars, trees and everything is setup in the right location, right rotation and can be as large as i want, with as many variations as i want! plus the cars are animated! yah am not going back.

16 Procedural Water Simulator

am sure even the most hardworking among us would find something like this useful, because simulating water comes down not to how much hardwork or time you can invest into a project but how capable you pc is, this procedural generator works on any pc, its geometry node base so no manta flow simulation needed, this can all be done in realtime, with a few clicks.

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