Addons that will help you finish

if your problem is finishing, these blender generators can give you a hand, never finish late, finish on time, finish on your client, finish on your clients set deadline with these amazing explosive generators.

don’t be unconfutable with using other peoples models or projects, godzilla was sculpted by more than 20 artists. his fingers were sculpted by one person, the nails by another and the scales on his massive body by another, over 300 artists worked on the tiger model in the life of pie.

in this industry everything in built on top of what others have done, you help others finish and others help you finish.

these generators should make it easy for you to finish your projects.

1 Cracker

if you have never been in a relationship, you probably wondering how a breakup looks like, this cracker addon for blender will break windows, crack walls and damage concreate. you may not be able to break any ones heart in the real world but atleast with this addon, you get a chance to break meshes, a chance to feel something.

2 water library

if you dont know the importance of water, you probably never pleased a woman, use this library of water as a reminder that the more water you see the happier everyone is.

3 Botaniq 6.8

i live in africa so i have seen all sorts of bushes, from tall, thick, short and busy to trimmed and well maintained. so trust me bro, when i say botaniqs bushes are on point. one feature i would request the developers to add, is the ability to instantly make them wet. cause thats what i do and if you doubt tell you mom to give me a call kekeekeekek.

4 Human Face Vdm Brushes 

ok no more jokes, VDMs stands for Virgin Daddys and Mothers, why because with vdms brushes it doesn’t matter if its your first time to sculpt, you can still get something good with this human face package.

5 Uvpackmaster 3

uv unwrapping is like being in a bedroom with a girl you want to impress, she either takes the lead or you take lead, the problem comes when you are unsure what todo like when using the blender built in uv tools, become a master of unpacking, be it your package, her package or a uv package with uvpackmaster 3. god thats a good name.

6 bake to pbr

if you want to export models to other applications you have to bake your textures and if you have tried baking textures in blender, you probably hate it, so use simply bake, its a quick and easier solution for baking your textures.

7 X-Muscle System

i am a fairly small guy, because i build my muscles where they are most needed, this is important because sometimes you dont always want things to be simple sometimes you want things to be hard, this addon is a proper way to have muscle deformation in your animation, the skin can slide over the muscle giving you the production quality you need.

8 Bone Dynamics Pro

speaking of hard things, physics bone animation in blender is supper hard without the help of addons like bone dynamics that supports bone collisions and more.

9 Ocd (One Click Damage)

if you hate generators, i would like to see you try adding this level of damage to anything without an addon like this, and try to make every damage detail you add unique and fitting with the other details like this addon does, also while at it, name me a scene that would not take advantage of damage detail like this, you totally need this.

10 CURVEmachine Addon

if you have used curves in blender, i only have to play this demo for you and say nothing other than saying that if you have used curves in blender, i just have to play this demo for you and say nothing other than. now you have me repeating my self next.

11 shaders Plus

these are caustics and they are hard to make without this addon, dont believe me check youtube for tutorials on caustics, we youtubers make tutorials on anything except the hard things.

12 building generator

i dint know this generator had more presets but yeah, any type of buildings and the creator is making more building templates

13 simplicage

avoid mesh intersection when animating, simplicage will deform meshes in reaction to collisions happening between them and other objects, giving you realistic deformations at no extra cost also there is a free version available.

14 Spyderfy: Boid Systems Add-On!

if you are making an indi movie, you totally need this, you get spiders, birds, the trailer shows the use case better, get it, i don’t have to convince you, you are already convinced you need it.

15 Random Starship generator

this generator makes scifi ships, some of these look similar to the ones in man of steel, love it.

16 Custom planet generator

i have not seen a planet generator that generates something that looks this clean and realistic.

17 Terrain Mixer 

this is not just a terrain generator, its a terrain mixer, it gives you control on placement of different unique features of your terrain like mountains.

18 Procedural Crowds

look at all these people, all in one click.

19 Beta Quad

this addon subdivides your meshes into quads without changing the shape of the mesh.

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