Text to Game ready Characters AI generators

This Ai is truly game changing it takes in user text prompts and spits out 3d characters that match what the user enters.

Over the years we have seen tools like human generator for blender which uses sliders to change the look of the characters using blending shapes, and more advanced tools like meta human and character creator that have more parameters for grooming hair and clothes come online.

these all worked based off premade characters but with adjustable parameters set by artist. this is also how this Ai works, its not generating the character from scratch but its working off of premade characters and adjusting sliders to make the character look like what the user describes.

this will let artists save alot of time as you nolonger need to know what each slider does and for more complex character generators like meta human, there can be hundreds of sliders.

the Ai understands context so it can decipher what the user is saying and express it as the 3d character it generates.

An Ai like this shows us a glimpse into the future where artists work with Ai to make unimaginable things.

If this Ai understands the concept of sliders and what they do, it means that in the future it can be integrated into blender or geometry nodes, so that if you have a building generator, you dont need to have sliders, all you need a text box for the user to describe the building you want, and the Ai can add just the sliders that are powered by geometry nodes to make the building the user wants.

now that we know how the Ai works in the back end lets talk about some its unique features

what is more impressive about this Ai is how its generator handles clothes, the clothes are not just sculted but are simulated on top of the character, so when the character changes the wrinkles and folds also change.

Another great thing about this AI is you dont have to work on each character, you can create a set of parameters which the Ai can follow, these would act as guideline for example you could give it prompts like a group of newyorkers dressed for work.

the Ai can extrapolate from that and generate hundreds of characters ready to import into your game, it exports to alot of engines and DCCs including blender, so in a few minutes you can go from an empty city to a fully crowded city with unique characters.

you are also use this ai to generate other creatures like aliens, and since the Ai works with a base model created by artists, that means that the range of what you can create is ever expanding.

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