midjourney to 3d

this is getting exciting and really has me pumped, there is a new Ai from blockade labs, these are the creators of skybox an ai skybox generator i showed in a previous video.

today what they have done, is on another level, you can now turn your midjouney generations into 3d using there new Ai called instavase, its perfect for individual artists who want to quickly prototype games, get a feel of how the game might look like, there website also gives you some characters that you can play with, within the generated world directly in your browser no installation needed.

And as you know midjourney is no longer free, so if you dont have a midjourney subscription but you still want to try this out you can use there skybox Ai, to generate the world and import it into there interverse page.

this is the future boys and girls and i love it.

if you want something similar that works in blender checkout HDRI maker

Checkout InstaVerse

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