your mother was the best thing that has ever happened to me after your sister, so how do i know what she needs, well that’s a secret i would never tell.

so lets jump in and look at these amazing free addons and generators that your mom would get.

1 Anime Building Generator

the perfect way to start off your project is by starting with a perfect background setting and this anime building generator can provide that, with 10s of building variations and a number of parameters for customizing your buildings this generator is something you should always have in your tools arsenal.

2 Procedural Desert Landscape

while this is not completely free, its something i could not resist adding to the list, its only 2$ and its the only generator that makes realistic deserts on the market.

3 Geometry Nodes Dust Trail

Show speed not just in bed but in your animations, this anime dust trail generator is perfect for exaggerating the speed of your characters whether running, or in a car chase.

4 Edge Damage Modifier

i have shown some damage addons like wear and tear, these addons are great at adding damage detail to solid objects like walls, columns and pillars, if you want a free version that may not have the same functions of wear and tear but still does a good job, then try this one by castesian caramel.

5 Freeze Generator Setup 

if you want to show frozen objects in your scene, may be even have the process of freezing shown as an animation look no further than the generator, the results are impressive and quite realistic.

6 Doctor Strange Portal Effect

in a sea filled with strange renders be the portal thats sparks new imagination with this doctor strange portal effects, you can reverse engineer it to reuse the sparks in other projects.

7 Rocket Launcher

trust me, it will take too long to animate rockets that look as good as these, may be if you spend a few days you may get what you want, but why though if you can just grab this free rocket launcher generator and have perfect rocket projectiles that have procedural animation.

8 Quick Assembly

ok this is not free, but just look at what it does, great at scattering, has an ivy generator, instancer and more the value speaks for its self.

9 Tension Weights

if you are 30+ you definitely need this, as a reminder to exercise, why you ask, well a few days ago i was with this amazing young lady who had some moves i have never seen before, and not just me, my muscles have never scene these moves to, and when i tried them, lets say it was not pretty. So do some pushups, run arround, train those muscles or else.

10 Simple Ripple Simulation 

there several ways to achieve this type of effect, through fluid simulations, dynamic paint or through geometry nodes using a setup like this, these all take time to setup, so you can save some time by getting this free and already made water ripple generator.

11 Stylized grass

If you are working on an anime scene anime, dont waste time making sylized grass when there is this free bunch that looks great and free to use.

12 BushDraw

if you want vegetation in your scenes but you are on a budget, this free generator should be enough for most renders you need, but if you want more, the paid version has more content.

12 Natural Set

no wonder blender is the most popular software in the world, no other community gives away stuff like the blender community, here is a natural set of grass, flowers, plants, trees and rocks all for free.

13 Xmas Tree Generator 

a christmass tree used to take hours to make a, now with this generator you can make hundreds with just a few clicks.

14 Procedural Generator for Cups

never model a cup again, this generator can generate a wide range with just a few clicks.

15 Moss Generator

need moss, this is free, works and looks great.

16 Engine FXs

if you rendering jet powered engines, you need a way to show the power of there thrust and this engine fx pack is procedural, customizable with alot of presets.

17 Geometry Nodes Hair

don’t loose your hair trying to groom hair on characters, why take the complicated long approach to add hair on your characters when there are free shortcuts like this hair generator.

18 Blender Auto-Terrainer

Before sink hours and hours creating enviroments for your renders, try this one mesh solution, that will give you everything, from clifs, rocks, grass and everything in between and did i mention its free.

19 Eye Rig With Geometry Nodes

this is another impressive eye generator that you should have in your library

20 Procedural buildings generator

this was one of the first generators i saw when geometry nodes was introduced, and right away i knew things where about to change.

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