Forget blender, Liquigen Is here

there is a new exciting kid on the block that is not a new version of blender or a cool feature of blender, this is a totally new standalone fluid simulation software and its going to sweep the industry.


when it comes to liquid simulation, forget about blender, forget about manta flow and i dare say it, forget about houdini, yes forget about houdini.

houdini has a very capable fluid solver of its own, so does blender and cinema 4d, so why should you forget about them if liquigen just does exactly what the others do, which is fluid simulation?

here is your answer because liquigen is a realtime fluid simulation, and the demo are on another level, there was even a live stream event to show the realtime capabilities of the software and it was impressive.

the level of detail liquigen can achieve is simply out of this world, and if you doubt, try to simulate water with this level of detail in blender. first its going to take afew hours to bake thats if your PC can handle such detail, because you will have to bump up the simulation resolution divisions to about 400.

and i hope its snowing where you leave, because then atleast the heat from your computer trying to bake 400 divisions can warm up you house, or beta yet put the pc on a wheel barrow and use it to melt your drive way.

liquigen is made by the makers of embergen another industry changing software for realtime smoke simulation, liquigen does nearly everything that embergen does but substituting smoke with liquid simulation, it can handle accurate realtime mesh collisions, and what is even more impressive is the simulation is accurate for even fast moving objects, in contrast with blender, if you have fast moving collision objects interact with the simulation in blender, they will either not register at all, or the simulation will break and all you will see particles everywhere if you are luck, if you are not your simulation will crush.

Liquigen is also fully gpu based so it can take advantage of your gpu hardware to simulate and render the fluids all in realtime.

As if the realtime fluid simulation was not enough, the mesh generation is also realtime, everything from the fluid particle simulation and the mesh generation is done at real time and in high resolution.

Anyone who has done fluid simulation in blender will really appreciate the level of detail you are seeing in this engine, the mesh generated is 10x more detailed compared to the blender version and all in realtime.

the mesh and particles can be exported to other DCCs like blender, and mesh can also be imported into liquigen, since this is still in the early stages of development, the are no project files yet to explore our selves or test how the exported file looks in blender, but am hopeful soon some free files will be shared on there website the same way they shared free vdbs when embergen was released.

One more thing they have for liquigen, when simulating in most application, the liquid is usually simulated inside a domain mesh, to reduce on the computation time, but with liquigen i guess the developers are so confident in there work that they give you the option to turn the domain or bounding box off at will

this is really exciting time and hoping to get my hands on the beta soon.

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