Top 40 Most Installed Blender addons

With over half a million customers blendermarket has paid out nearly 30 million dollars to addon creators and donated more than half a million to the blender foundations, this market place is not just a great place to find amazing tools for blender but its an insight into the minds of blender artists, you can see what other artists are installing to make there jobs and life easier and fun. so in this video we are going to look at the top most installed blender addons by blendermarket sales.

46 Real Cloud 1.0 Cloud Generator 700+ installations

we are going to start with addons that have more than 700 installations or downloads, so at number 46 we have real cloud generator, this addon has not spent more than 2month on the market but it has become one of the most selling addon on the market, showing that blender users always want an easy way to create skies and to solidify this you will see that addons like physical star light and atmosphere addon are among the top ten further demonstrating my point here.

45 Cloth Weaver 700+ installations

creating digital characters is a time consuming endeavor, so when ever artists get a chance to reuse a character they take that chance, and cloth weaver can make it easier to reuse characters by helping you dress them in different clothes and accessories of all types.

44 Rbc | A Physics-Based Vehicle Rigging Addon 700+ installations

If you are planning to animate a car chase scene, your choices could be spending hours to days animating the cars by keyframe manualy, or grabbing a gamepad, a keyboard or any game controller and animate them like you are playing a video game, the addon also has a feature where you can setup other cars to automatically chase your car like in an actual video game, increasing the chance of happy accidents in your animations. this addon already has 700+ installations and supports a wide range of car configurations so you can import your own cars to the addon.

43 Trash Kit – 3d Assetkit 800+ installations

no wander this addon has 800+ installations, its hard to imagine a rendered scene that would not take advantage of a trash collection like this, the addon comes with all sorts of trash including over 700 assets and works with geo scatter to scatter the trash in a convincing way.

42 Memsaver Memory Optimizer Vram Saver 900+ installations

with only 2 month on the market, this memory saving addon helps you get rid of the “you have run out GPU memory” error which comes as a result of having alot of high resolution images in your scene when rendering. in only 2 month more than 900+ artists have already installed it to speed up there renders.

41 Moss Biome Ground Scatter 1100+ installations

in need of creating dense realistic biomes, over 1100 artists have installed Moss Biome because of its scattering abilities and realistic asset collection whose fidelity holds up even at close up shorts.

40 Simplicage 1100+ installations

just animating objects colliding with others is not enough, for more realism, soft objects should be able to deform on impart, this is easier said than done unless you use what over 1100 blender artists are using. the simplicage addon, which has a free version as well.

39 Waterial – Animated Ocean Water Material 1300+ installations

1300 of you wanted to render animated water with realistic materials and animation, for that you relied on the waterial addon that makes it easy to make beach waves and other water material properties.

38 Cam-Fx 1300+ installations

in camera effects mimic what happens to light through a camera as it interacts with dust particles, imperfections in the camera lens, and more, people are used to seeing this when they look at movies short with real cameras, so they notice them if they miss in your renders, its for this reason 1300 of you have install cam-fx to make the creation of these imperfections easier.

37 Procedural Alleys 1400+ installations

1400+ wanted narrow streets, filled with people, neon lights, streets signs, street shops and procedural alleys was the way they chose to make them, because of its procedural nature and customization it provides.

36 Car-Rig Pro “Blender Kit” +1600 installations

it seams 1600 of you hate rigging cars, this is why car-rig pro is in this list, you are using it to rig all sorts of cars saving you hours of stress

35 Cracker 1700+ installations

1700 of you have abandoned the default cell fracture addon that comes with blender for a more reliable addon for cracking and adding damage to meshes. I dont blame you cracker for sure does speed up things and the results speak for them self.

34 Grassblade – Addon For Grass, 1700+ installations

it would take you atleast 1year to make the number of plants, grass and weeds that are included in this addon, 1700 of you realized this and decided to just buy grassblade and thanks to its scattering features you are already rendering scenes with realistic grass and weeds.

33 Cloudscapes – Vdb Clouds Collection 1800+ installations

if you are observant you will notice that we have multiple addons that do the same thing, and some of you are buying all of them regardless, this is mostly because while they may do the same thing they all do it abit differently and the results look different too, thats why we have another vdb cloud collection in this list and 1800 of you already own it.

32 Physics Dropper 1800+ installations

its amazing how as artists, we all face the same problems, some go on to solve these problems, like the creator of physics drops that realized there was a need for easily adding multiple objects in scenes in a realistic way without them intersecting and physics was the best way to do it, and thats what they did with this addon and 1800 of you approved.

31 Alpha Trees – Render Massive Forests, 1800+ installations

Forests are hard to render, each tree could have tens of thousands of polygons multiply that with 1million trees and thats how you start a house fire because you pc blew up trying to run that amount of polygons, thats why 1800 of you are taking precaution and opting to use Alpha trees which instead of using trees made out of polygons it uses textures on planes and still produces comparable results saving you rendering time and a house fire.

30 procedural crowds 2100+ installations

you wanted crowds that where animated, unique and avoided each other, and procedural crowds delivered, and still delivering to 2100 of you around the globe.

29 Rantools (And P-Cutter) All-In-One Addon 2100+ installations

2100 of you found out you could save time using rantools to make things in blender, because of the tools it provides to help with polygon modeling and hardsurfaces.

28 Clean Panels 2200+ installations

there are alot of addons you can’t miss out and some of you have over 20 addons installed but thats alot, especially since blender does not have an easy way to manage them, so when a solution like clean panels came on the market, 2200 of you installed it and are now easily installing more addons without worrying about them clattering the interface.

27 Photometric Lighting For Blender 2600+ installations

with 2600 installation this photometric addon has presented its self as the best way to achive good lighting in blender with just a few clicks.

26 Car Transportation – Addon 2700+ installations

when you needed a way to move you characters from place to place, 2700 of you relied on the transportation addon for its library of photorealistic vehicles.

25 Car – Traffiq Library – Rigged Cars 3400+ installations

when 2700 of you where installing the traportation addon, another 3400 of you installed the traffiq library, to solve your traffic problem or for most to cause traffic problems in your scene because who does not want alot of cars in there scenes this is what the traffiq addon provides. an easier way to add vehicles in your scenes.

24 Gobos Light Textures 3800+ installations

Another very popular addon that has taken over the market place is Gobos lighting textures, with over 3800 installations, light gobos are away to add shadows casted by off screen objects in your render, they add detail to your shorts making them feel rich and detailed, you don’t actually need an off screen object for the casted shadow, light gobos work with a light texture to produce the effect and this addon is a library of such textures and comes with animated variants for the detail oriented artists among us.

23 Facial Expressions And Performance Capture 4500+ installations

you just have to watch what this addon does and you will know why 4500 blender artists have already installed it, it can be used to capture your face expressions with your phone and transfer them to your character, its easy to setup and works.

22 Pure-Sky Pro 4900+ installations

like i said people want skies, that look great, animated and realistic, and pure sky pro is one of the addons providing that. and 4900 of you already know why its popular.

21 Fluent Materializer – Tool Suite 5000+ installations

over 5000 artists are relying on fluent materials as the go to library for any type of surface material for there scenes, and when it comes to mixing different materials it has not disappointed at all, the addon comes with a set of masks for mixing different materials in a realistic manner.

20 K-Cycles 5500+ installations

there is always room for improvement when it comes to rendering engines like cycles, but implementing those improvements takes alot of times and sometimes requires taking shortcuts that are not industry standard or may not pass blender’s code review process, so they never get implemented, but those improvements are too good to miss out on so they are packaged as an addon like K-cycles and as we speak 5500+ of you are enjoying them.

19 Perspective Plotter 5500+ installations

thits camera match addon can match the location, rotation and lens of the camera that was used to take any reference image and 5500 copies of the addon have been installed in blender.

18 Ocd (One Click Damage) 6200+installations

the one click damage addon has been installed 6200 times, to add realistic damage to meshes.

17 True terrain 6300+ installations

6300 of blender artists have installed true terrain as a one stop solution for generating complete environments, with lakes, mountains and all sorts of landscapes

16 Sanctus Library – Procedural Materials 7600+ installations

when over 7600 blender artists want to finish projects on time, they save time by using the sanctus library a collection of realistic materials with customizable parameters to achieve any surface look they can imagine.

15 Uvpackmaster 3 9200+ installations

nearly 10000 blender artists where frustrated with the limited uv unwrapping functionality in blender so one developer came to the rescue with his UVpackmaster addon, this uv addon gives blender the uv mapping tools it lucks.

14 Extreme Pbr Nexus 9400+ installations

I am not supprised that 9400 of you have already installed Extreme PBR nextus, a material library for blender this time based of pbr textures, it comes with over 1800 pbr materials, you can paint and mix between materials and more.

13 Human Generator V3 10000+ installations

at number 13 we have enter addons that have more than 10000 installations on the blender market , and am not surprised that we are seeing addons like Human generator here, because it turns the difficult task of making human characters into a fun game like experience.

12 Simply Cloth Pro 10300+ installations

simply cloth pro holds strong at number 12 being one of the most popular cloth simulation addon for blender, i think what helps is its library of templates so that you never start from scratch whenever you are dressing up your character.

11 Geo-Scatter 5.4 10600+ installations

at 11 we have Geo Scatter, this addon is not just for artists, its also very popular among addon creators, who use its scattering ability as part of there addon, and most content libraries are using it as a barge of approval to show that there addon is so good that it even works with geo scatter a testament to how good geo scatter is.

10 Physical Starlight And Atmosphere 11000+ installations

this the top 10 most installed blender addons, proving its capability to generate realistic and detailed skies for blender artists, and 11000 of you have approved.

9 Retopoflow 3 – Retopology Toolkit11700+ installations

this one came as a surprise to me, i have always known its a was a very useful addon, but i did not think there were many blender artists sculpting and retopo there models, over 11700 of you have proved me wrong and getting this addon to number 9 in top 50 list.

8 Cablerator 11800+ installations

scifi artists really love there cables, thats why cablerator is at number 8, with its ability to generate all sorts of cables.

7 Decalmachine 11900+ installations

No suprise here decal machine has always been popular and has served 11900 of you since its conception.

6 Machin3tools 15800+ installations

machine tools is yet another hardsurface addon and comes in at number 6, machine tools is helping 15800 of you to make detailed hardsurface models.

5 Fluent 2.1 – Stressless Modeling Tool 12400+ installations

hardsurface modeling tools are quite popular, fluent is the 3rd addon in the top ten that helps artists make hardsurface modeling, if you are a blender addon developer look into this space more.

4 Tree And Grass Library Botaniq 15900+ installations

who has not heard of botaniq, because 15900+ of you have installed it bringing it at number 4 making it the most popular vegetation addon on the market.

3 Meshmachine 16300 installations

number 3, we see yet another hardsurface modeling addon, this time with 16000+ installations, confirming my suspicion, that most of you are hardsurface artists.

2 Hard Ops / Boxcutter Ultimate Bundle 32600+ installations

we are not done with hardsurface addons just yet, because at number 2 we welcome hard ops into the list of most installed blender addons.

1 Auto-Rig Pro 33600+ installations

And finally at number one, Auto Rig takes the crown, for the most installed paid addon on the market with over 33000 installations, confirming am not crazy for thinking rigging is super hard because this addon is what makes it easier for atleast 33000 of you.

thats it, you voted with your money, and the results are there for you to see.

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