Top 10 Most used Blender addons

1 Geo-Scatter 5.4 10600+ installations

at 11 we have Geo Scatter, this addon is not just for artists, its also very popular among addon creators, who use its scattering ability as part of there addon, and most content libraries are using it as a barge of approval to show that there addon is so good that it even works with geo scatter a testament to how good geo scatter is.

10 Physical Starlight And Atmosphere 11000+ installations

this the top 10 most installed blender addons, proving its capability to generate realistic and detailed skies for blender artists, and 11000 of you have approved.

9 Retopoflow 3 – Retopology Toolkit11700+ installations

this one came as a surprise to me, i have always known its a was a very useful addon, but i did not think there were many blender artists sculpting and retopo there models, over 11700 of you have proved me wrong and getting this addon to number 9 in top 50 list.

8 Cablerator 11800+ installations

scifi artists really love there cables, thats why cablerator is at number 8, with its ability to generate all sorts of cables.

7 Decalmachine 11900+ installations

No suprise here decal machine has always been popular and has served 11900 of you since its conception.

6 Machin3tools 15800+ installations

machine tools is yet another hardsurface addon and comes in at number 6, machine tools is helping 15800 of you to make detailed hardsurface models.

5 Fluent 2.1 – Stressless Modeling Tool 12400+ installations

hardsurface modeling tools are quite popular, fluent is the 3rd addon in the top ten that helps artists make hardsurface modeling, if you are a blender addon developer look into this space more.

4 Tree And Grass Library Botaniq 15900+ installations

who has not heard of botaniq, because 15900+ of you have installed it bringing it at number 4 making it the most popular vegetation addon on the market.

3 Meshmachine 16300 installations

number 3, we see yet another hardsurface modeling addon, this time with 16000+ installations, confirming my suspicion, that most of you are hardsurface artists.

2 Hard Ops / Boxcutter Ultimate Bundle 32600+ installations

we are not done with hardsurface addons just yet, because at number 2 we welcome hard ops into the list of most installed blender addons.

1 Auto-Rig Pro 33600+ installations

And finally at number one, Auto Rig takes the crown, for the most installed paid addon on the market with over 33000 installations, confirming am not crazy for thinking rigging is super hard because this addon is what makes it easier for atleast 33000 of you.

thats it, you voted with your money, and the results are there for you to see.

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