its a new tool for tracking surfaces, like skin, papers, water and more, its like object tracking for soft surfaces, object tracking is easy if the object is a hard surfaces, but for moving surfaces like skins, water and more it gets complicated.

this tool is an after effects plugin that can export the tracked data into 3d applications like cinema 4d and blender.

it works by creating a depth map of the tracked surface, that it converts into a mesh, you can then attach objects on to this mesh, since the mesh is a translation of the deforming surface that was tracked, the mesh also deforms like the tracked part of the video, so when you parent or attach any objects to the vertices of that mesh, the objects will move with the surface as well.

the plugin also creates a new composition containing a stabilized mesh of the tracked video, that you can attach your textures on, you can attach what ever you want on the mesh in this composition and preview the finalized effect in the main composition.

its like you are photoshoping one frame that is applied to the whole video.

you can layer textures, color correct, and add as many effects as you want.

when it comes to using the plugin in 3d, there tools to use to edit the depthmap used to generate the tracked mesh, and all this works in real time

since the plugin provides a depthmap, you can use it relight your scene too.

and there is more, this tool can be used in combination with AI generators like stable diffusion for style transfer.

you can change the over all look and feel of your short by applying a style transfer, this plugin helps with isolating the different objects in your shot.

this plugin comes with alot of features but unfortunately it not cheap, to get your hands on this you will have to fork out 300$

get it here

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