Best Blender addons for architects

As you know blender is a software used by alot of artists for different purposes so its not supprising that there are addons that are designed for specific things as well, last time we looked at 10 addons used by Visual effects artists, so today lets look at a different industry, lets look at addon that blender Architects use.

1 Techsec

if you have a house or building designed in blender and need a cross section render of the walls, Techsec is an addon that will give you a set of tools to achieve that.

its a great way to show the wall composition of your building, and you can easily bisect the building using a plane, this cross section can then be exported as an SVG file, or pdf with more information about the building structure.

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2 Pro Align Tools

if you want to work efficiently, this pro align tool can be used to align multiple objects to any surface of the mesh, you can use its guide feature to preview the final position of your objects and even adjust that before you confirm your action.

you can use it to stuck objects ontop of another, and for architects who want precision, you get information about how much you have moved the object. there so many feature i can not include them all here

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3 home builder

if you are an interior designer, home builder is an addon you should not miss out on, it started as a blender fork and now its a standard blender plugin that comes with hundreds of assets you can use in blender for interior design, you can use the addon to even create manufacturing data for thing like kitchen counter tops and furniture.

and its free to download.

4 Quick Arch

if you want a fast way to make rooms, with doors windows and more, quick arch really speeds things up,

you can change the position of the doors, windows even after adding them, you can change flip direction of the door, the design of the door and more parameters. its simply the best non destructive way to make rooms. you can add a balcony, adjust its position, length and with, the addon also comes with custom objects you can use to dress the interior like, furniture, pictures and more.

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5 construction lines

in architecture you have to make exact movements, rotations and scale, this construction lines cad modelling addon is what will give you that exactness. you can draw meshes depending on blueprint scans, with its line drawing tools. easily create bevel profiles and curves. easily measure distances and more

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6 Interior Essentials  

you cant present empty rooms to clients, they will always want to see how the house will look furnished and modeling everything takes too much time, leverage over 600 professionally made models for archviz, from furniture, curtains, decorations, ceiling lights and more. this addon comes with its own asset management system called flow that makes it easy for you to import the assets into your scene.

it has other tools like its painter feature that easily lets you scatter objects or vegetation in your scene.

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7 Perspective Plotter

if you have image reference of what you want to make, perspective plotter, will match the camera angle, perspective, lens type and more to make it easy for you to model your scene. you can easily adjust the camera to the reference using control points that you can align with buildings to get a better match.

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8 Angle Tool

you dont have to be an architect to take advantage of this tool, but for architects its a time saver, extruding round corners or even sharp corners is tricky in blender, they always endup squashed and do not look correct, the angle tool can do the hard part of extruding corners for you automatically, just choose the corner radius and angle and the tool will take over.

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9 Physical Starlight And Atmosphere

for exterior renders, you may want to show off your design in different lighting conditions, physical starlight and atmosphere provides a procedural and natural way for you, you have total control of how your sky, clouds, atmosphere and more look, the addon can also provide great ambient lighting for interior scenes.

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10 Geo-Scatter

Geo scatter is one of those addons that fits any industry, vfx artists can use it to add detail to there scenes, and architects can use it to create beautiful landscapes for there exterior renders.

it comes with hundreds of assets and its biome scatter feature is the most popular among blender artists.

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11 Material Library Materialiq 

interiors come with different shapes and looks, so do exteriors, don’t use basic materials when producing high end architecture visualization, complete the professional look that will get you repeat clients using the materialiq library which comes with hundreds of hyper realistic materials designed by architects for architects.

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12 Gobos Light Textures

your archviz renders should feel real and inviting, to archive this, a neat trick is to have animated gobos, that will add a warm filling to your interiors and exterior shots as shadows are scattered and casted on to the different surfaces of your render.

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13 Tree Vegetation

wheather you are making interiors or exterior shots for your archviz render, having no vegetations or plants in your renders is going to make your renders feel incomplete.

easily add the missing touch using vegetations library of plants and trees, from small plants to large trees, that will give your renders a natural warm feel.

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14 Water Library Aquatiq 

you will only see water detail like this in high paid architects reels because water assets like this are not easy to create or easy to find, but if you use blender, this water library has all you could need for archviz visualizations, there assets a lite yet come with the level of detail you only find with high end renders.

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