Easy footprints using geometry nodes



this tutorial will show you how to use simulation nodes to make imprints in a mesh easily

the idea is to use the proximity of the mesh to drive how the mesh is displaced.

we use a collection that includes the shoe mesh and the tire as the target for the proximity node

because collection objects are brought in as instances you need to realize them before you use there geoemtry.

i also use a sample nearest surface, to get the normal direction of tires and shoes as the step on the surface.

i use the vector from the sample nearest surface to push the ground mesh geometry into the direction of the vector.

to mesh sure only the shoe and tire imprints are the only parts being pushed, i use the mesh proximity node to create a mask of the parts that are touched by the tire and shoes.

i use a multiply to add contrast to this mask

use the color ramp to flip/invert the mask

them use the mask to scale the vector and feed that into the set position to displace the mesh.

project files


gumroad: https://esmiles.gumroad.com/l/rgofm

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