complete rain system simulation nodes project

this break down is how you can create a rain system with rain, splashes, wetmaps and mist all in one simulation.

the nodes

while the nodes might look complicated, each flame is just a small variation of the last one

steps break down

1 to create the rain drops, particles are added into the simulation zone using a distribute points on faces node which will add new points in the simulation on each frame.

to make sure the particles are not in the same position every time they are added, the seed is used for each frame using the time node, which we connect the distribute node seed.

move the plane emitter up using a set position before the distribution node so that the emitter is at a height above the ground.

to make the particles fall down, a set position is added in the simulation zone with a negative z offset to act as the gravity.

to make sure the particles dont fall through the ground you delete them as they come close to the ground by checking if there z position is less than zero.

outside the simulation zone, you turn the particles into instances with a droplet like mesh as you instance object.

to make the droplets align with the direction of the rain, make sure to output the velocity of the particles in the simulation and use it as the vector in the align euler to vector node

check out texture folders

project files:


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