New Crowd simulation addon for blender

check out this new crowd simulation addon for blender by production, things are getting competitive, its another major win for blender and the community these addons are getting more polished and more functional.

you can Add a crowd in one click. Choose if you want the crowd to walk in one direction (like in the street for example) or if you prefer the crowd to be generated on a surface, like a town square or in a nightclub. Tell her what she’s doing! dancing, playing sports, chatting. Add the actions you want !

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All characters are available in HD and LOWPOLY. The HD character mesh is about 20,000 faces. LOWPOLY characters are about 4000 faces. lightweight, easy to use and modify. viewport optimized and rendered beautiful. All 3D people are consistently topologized. Our 3d people provide smooth shading from all angles, reducing the need for post-production.


Thanks to our powerful shader, you can add color variations of clothes in the characters. the color of the hair, the t-shirt, the pants automatically change color. one character and millions of possibilities! this technique is ideal for creating a complex crowd by optimizing your computer’s memory.


An impressive library of 55 different animations. These animations are thoughtfully categorized into several groups, including movement, daily life, communication, work, Run, sports, dance… Each animation has been crafted with an attention to detail and a commitment to realism. The characters can move, sit, whether on a chair or on the ground, and perform a variety of tasks that reflect daily life. These animations offer unprecedented dynamics and flexibility for your scenes, allowing your characters to naturally engage with their environment. Whether it’s modeling a bustling coffee scene or a work scene in offices, our diverse animations will add a new dimension to your creations.

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