Animated Editable text with roots – geometry nodes


creating the text

to make the text editable use the string to curve node, what ever text you type in the string input, will be the text shown, but its a curve that needs to be converted to a mesh, first i rotate it to be upright with a transform node.

because its a curve the Fill Curve node can do two things at one, it will fill the curve and convert it to a mesh we can extrude.

the extrude node only extrudes on side so the back side will remain empty, thats why we join the origin fill curve with the extrude mesh node,

you need to add a flip faces on one of the meshes to make sure all the mesh normals face the same direction

the string to curve node outputs instances, realize the instances after the join geometry and merge by distance to make sure the mesh is manifold or water tight.

making the roots

this mess hear is to make the roots out of the shortest path node.

we need a start and end point for the path, the edge path start vertices will use the random node, and the end vertices will use a selection of vertices depending on there distance from an empty.

we bring in the empty with the object info node, and to get the distance we calculate it using the vector math, vector one is the position of each vertex in our volume mesh, and vector two is the location of the empty.

the less than node creates the final selection we use in the shortest path node.

the blur attribute makes the path smooth

this technique produces alot of curves so we delete some randomly using the delete geometry node set to spline.

Blender spline animation using geometry nodes

the animation is simple, you just trim the curve using the trim curve node, animate the start input and you are set, to make this render like a mesh, convert it to a mesh using the curve to mesh node, to make the roots small at the tip, use the set curve radius but the length at any point of the curve determines the radius at that point, this can be done by setting the radius using the spline parameter node.

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